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[Exclusive] Conquest Event Recap: CEO Reveals NFT, P2E Game Center Plans

Photo for the Article - [Exclusive] Conquest Event Recap: CEO Reveals NFT, P2E Game Center Plans Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Wei Zhou revealed the plans of the Philippine-based mobile wallet to onboard more artists and collectors into the non-fungible token (NFT) space and the upcoming launch of’s Game Center for the availability of play-to-earn (P2E) games on its app.

Plans to Onboard Filipino Artists and Collectors in NFTs Space

One of the things that Wei Zhou tackled is about the plans of in empowering the NFT industry in the country.

“What we want to do here in is basically use NFTs, use the ownership of digital assets, and to help local artists (and) creators into pushing their arts and pushing their NFTs to the real world and earn income for that,” said Wei.

He said that while he is excited about the usage of NFTs, there are better ways for to support crypto artists, more than the minting of their works into the blockchain.

Conquest PHL Event Recap: CEO Wei Zhou on Supporting Filipino NFT Artists

The CEO explained clearly that in the traditional setting, artists will just try to sell something, and their relationship with that artwork will end when collectors bought it.

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“But the cool thing about NFTs is about starting a relationship, once you own that NFT, that’s the beginning of [having a relationship with the community].”

And so, this is where Wei clarified his plans to onboard more NFT artists and collectors to the space through

“We hope to provide a better bridge for the artists here locally into the Web 3.0 world. We can actually help them to manage the community that we have and to bridge the art or content that they create.”

Wei Zhou said that this plan is not just for Filipinos, but to be more global, emphasizing that “We wanna make some of the content that are created here, whether NFT or some fun stuff, we’ll take that global as well.”

Note that Wei Zhou mentioned about their plans for the NFT artist community in a previous interview with BitPinas:

Interview: Wen Token? Wen Free ETH Wallet? CEO Wei Zhou Reveals Plans to BitPinas

Plans on including Play-to-Earn Games in

Meanwhile, when asked about his plans on P2E games, the CEO revealed that his team is currently building a game center, “as long as you have the app, you can start playing, you don’t have to go through these hoops. Then if you like the game, then you can redeem your money out and buy NFTs of the game.”

Wei added that the game assets in P2E games are costly, and he wanted to lessen the cost of playing P2E games by working with people with expertise on it.

“I think we’re seeing some cool things over the last 12 to 18 months with some of the Web 3.0 games. But I think there’s more coming and I think we’re gonna see more traditional game developers in onboarding to the space,” the CEO concluded.

Conquest PHL Recap: CEO Wei Zhou: We're Building a Game Center

Conquest 2022 was covered by BitPinas, including Web 3.0 booths and activities, and the press conference where Wei Zhou revealed these plans of

During the press conference, Wei reported that over 15 million Filipinos has a registered account in, five to 10 million of them are active.

In an exclusive interview of BitPinas’ Editor-in-Chief, Wei Zhou announced that they are working on launching Coins.Pro Exchange and a Token.

Wei Zhou was the former Chief Finance Officer of exchange giant Binance.

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