Crypto Meetups in 2022 are Different, Says BlockchainSpace

The guests on the BitPinas webcast agreed that events can be in a hybrid setup of having it streamed live while it is done in the venue.

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With local establishments gradually opening for social gatherings, web 3.0-related events are slowly popping up not just in Metro Manila but also in other places in the Philippines. BitPinas held its 14th webcast on Facebook in relation to real-life events last May 19, 2022.

Jen Bilango, General Manager and Regional Expansion Lead at BlockchainSpace, shared their meetup in Bulacan and recently in Cebu, which was co-presented with YGG Alerts. The discussion on these meetups centered around guilds and web 3.0. Surprisingly, Jen said, there were attendees who flew all the way from Luzon and Mindanao to attend their event in Cebu.

Jen shared that there is a big difference between the meetups before the pandemic and after.

“Definitely, they have more knowledge in terms of crypto and blockchain. Before we were convincing them [that] ‘this is not a scam. Blockchain is here to stay. We are not scamming you for anything,’” Jen shared her experience from previous meetups at the start of the pandemic.

When compared to meetups this year, ‘Now, they are more informed. So, you can now go to the next step of the process which is ‘What are the games I should be playing? How could I build my own community? Etc’. Just for a span of 2 years, even less… a year and a half, that knowledge and education that this guild provided to their community elevated the discussion about crypto, We are starting to see interest.”

Another panelist on the webcast, Ismael Jerusalem, CEO of Ownly, also shared how real-life meetups can help do collaborations with other projects, “I think it is a very essential experience to connect with several people from the [Web 3.0] Space. It is easier for us to collaborate, to create partnerships. To create good and harmonious relationships with other projects in the Philippines.”

Both panelists, Jen and Ismael, agreed that events can be in a hybrid setup of having it streamed live while it is done in the venue. This can cater to people who cannot attend and those who are able to go to the event itself. This can reach a greater audience.

In 2018, BlockchainSpace started as an event organizer for crypto projects that wanted to grow their community in the Philippines. Around two years ago, BlockchainSpace transitioned and became one of the first guilds to cater to Axie Infinity. They also serve as a data aggregator and infrastructure provider for blockchain gaming, serving 24 guilds representing 1.5 million players.

Ownly is a meta-focused startup based in Bicol. The team built an ecosystem using OWN as its currency, staking platform, and the OwnlyFans (not to be confused with OnlyFans), a community of creators, artists and collectors.

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