NFT Art FAQ: What is the Most Important Skill in the NFT Space?

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In the recent webcast episode of BitPinas, the women-empowered panel from the emerging NFT (non-fungible token) space answered the question about the most important skill one should have when venturing into the space. 

The webcast had the participation of NFT artists Marso, a graphic artist specializing in  candy-colored kaleidoscopic fractal figures artstyle, and Bern, a photographer minting NFTs of rescue animals such as aspins (asong pinoy) and puspins (pusang pinoy). April Agregado, the mother of 9-year old Filipino NFT artist Sevi, also joined the webcast.

According to Marso, the most important skill a person must have in the NFT space is marketing skills. She emphasized that “you must put yourself out there.”

“Art is very subjective, so I think it’s really a matter of marketing yourself here in the NFT space. After all, NFT space is not purely art,” she explained.

Agregado agreed and pointed out that it is important for Filipinos to speak up. According to her, being shy and insecure may be one of the weaknesses of Filipinos. She also noted that this usually happens in Twitter spaces for NFTs, she reminded that the participants are from all over the world and some of them also don’t use English as their first language so she advised that all a person must do is to “try, be brave and go for it.”

Bern added that aspiring NFT artists must also know their brand; they must know who and what they are as an artist, what is their niche and their own unique selling proposition.

“Kasi hindi naman natin maipagkakaila na maraming artist na magaling sa NFT space, as in sobrang dami. So the question now is, how will you stand out?” she added.(Translation: We cannot deny that there are a lot of outstanding artists in the NFT space, as in a lot. So the question now is, how will you stand out?)

BitPinas Webcast 10 – NFT Artists Stories aired live on BitPinas’ Facebook Page, hosted by BitPinas’ Senior Editor Michael Mislos, and co-hosted by Chin Gandia, Associate Consultant of Emfarsis.

The BitPinas Webcast is a #CryptoPH Weekly Show. Click here to visit BitPinas Webcast Clips.

Watch BitPinas Webcasts every Thursday, at 5:00 pm, PH time.

This article is published on BItPinas: NFT Art FAQ: What is the Most Important Skill in the NFT Space?

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