Beginner’s Guide to Portfolio Diversification | Webcast 51

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The BitPinas Webcast invited Certified Technical Analyst Joseph Lejarde, also known as Whizkid Trader, and PDAX Community Lead Trexia Olaya, known as Prof Trex, to discuss portfolio diversification and beginner investment strategies.

This article is made in collaboration with PDAX, which offers not just crypto trading but bonds and NFTs as well. Check out PDAX to know more.

What is Portfolio Diversification?

  • Olaya: Diversifying assets across various investment opportunities reduces risk. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” to avoid losing everything if one investment fails.
  • Lejarde: A diversified portfolio mitigates risks and reduces psychological stress. If one investment fails, others can compensate.
Beginners Guide: What Does A Newbie Portfolio Look Like? With Joseph Lejarde/Whizkid Trader and PDAX

What Should a Beginner Portfolio Look Like?

  • Lejarde: Assess your risk profile—aggressive, conservative, or moderate. Younger investors can take more risks, while older investors should focus on safer investments.
  • Olaya: Beginners should stick to what they know and understand the technology behind their investments.

Ensuring the Right Decisions in Diversification

  • Olaya: Join a community for guidance to avoid scams and make informed decisions.
  • Lejarde: Understand the asset, issuing company, and market conditions. Care about your investments as your future depends on them.

Monitoring and Rebalancing Portfolio

  • Lejarde: Review your portfolio daily to prevent significant losses. Treating portfolio management as a daily hobby helps spot problems early.

Common Mistakes in Building a Portfolio

  • Lejarde: Avoid hearsay, research well, diversify properly, and treat trading seriously.
  • Olaya: Diversify correctly according to your risk profile and maintain a trading journal to avoid emotional decisions and mistakes.

PDAX’s Multi-Asset Offering

  • Olaya: PDAX offers spot cryptocurrency trading, an NFT marketplace called Mintoo, and tokenized treasury bonds. Different investment options cater to varying investor interests and risk profiles.

Olaya then shared that PDAX is set to release a journal that can serve as a guide to traders in starting and building their financial portfolio. 

As of this writing, PDAX, aside from offering spot cryptocurrency trading, also has its own NFT marketplace called Mintoo ( 

“There are different types of investors. May iba na hindi into crypto trading, so there are people who are into NFT flipping. If you are into that, it’s good, it is another interest,” she explained on how NFTs can fit into a portfolio. 

NFT Flipping is the crypto trading version of NFTs. Technically, a flipper will buy an NFT at a low price and sell the asset once it has a high value.

To buy NFTs in PDAX: 

  • Step 1: Go to the Collectibles tab. 
  • Step 2: Choose the NFT you want to buy. 
  • Step 3: Confirm the transaction. 
  • Step 4: Hold the asset. 
  • Step 5: Sell the NFT in secondary marketplace. 
Photo for the Article - Beginner’s Guide to Portfolio Diversification | Webcast 51

Moreover, PDAX also offers bonds. In 2023, the Philippine Bureau of Treasury (BTr) has approved the sale of tokenized treasury bonds on the blockchain, enabling PDAX to offer these tokenized bonds on its platform. 

Treasury bonds are fixed-interest government securities with a set maturity period. Issued by the BTr, they play a crucial role in funding the executive department’s projects and programs. Essentially, purchasing a bond signifies lending money to the government in exchange for a predetermined interest rate.

“‘Yung interest rate ng bonds is annual. If may long-term savings ka tapos hindi mo alam kung saan mo dadalhin, better sa bonds na lang muna. Ang maganda pa sa PDAX, pwede mong i-unlock ‘yung investment mo sa bonds after three months. If you are someone na short-term lang ang financial goal mo, go for the three months. We also have TRB 30 bonds, which is for long-term na five years ang lock up,” Prof Trex highlighted. 

To invest in bonds in PDAX: 

  • Step 1: Go to the Bonds tab. 
  • Step 2: Choose the Bond you want to buy. 
  • Step 3: Type in the desired amount to be invested. 
  • Step 4: Hold the asset. 
  • Step 5: Withdraw the token once the maturity date has been reached. 
Photo for the Article - Beginner’s Guide to Portfolio Diversification | Webcast 51

Lastly, PDAX also has its portfolio feature, where the user can see the assets they hold and how much their overall portfolio performs. 

Photo for the Article - Beginner’s Guide to Portfolio Diversification | Webcast 51

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