Globe, Draper Startup House, DITO CME Execs Join BayaniChain Advisory Board

BayaniChain welcomes industry leaders Eprom Galang, Donald Lim, and Cristian Munoz to its advisory board., Draper Startup House, Dito CME Execs Join Bayanichain Advisory Board (1)
  • BayaniChain welcomes industry figures to its advisory board, aiming to democratize web3 access.
  • The company said the addition of these advisors strengthens BayaniChain’s position and commitment to revolutionizing the blockchain industry.
  • Eprom Galang, Donald Lim, and Cristian Munoz are strategic, growth, and international growth advisors, respectively.

In a move to advance its goal of democratizing web3 access, venture firm BayaniChain recently welcomed three industry figures, Eprom Galang, Donald Lim, and Cristian Munoz, to its advisory board. 

New Members of the Advisory Board

BayaniChain emphasizes that the strategic alliance will bolster its position in the blockchain industry.

“With such an illustrious advisory board, BayaniChain is poised to amplify its endeavors, driving the mission of accelerating decentralization and digital asset adoption throughout Southeast Asia. This is just the beginning, and the horizon looks brighter than ever,”  it stated in a release. Eprom Galang

Galang will be joining as BayaniChain’s Strategic Advisor. 

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Eprom Galang

The firm highlights his impressive track record, including notable achievements such as leading product innovation at Globe Group and playing a pivotal role as the former Managing Director and Head of Product at, a key contributor to establishing the largest regulated exchange in the country. He represented the e-wallet at in-real-life events such as 2022 Mid-Winter Fireside Chat and Global Blockchain Summit.

Furthermore, BayaniChain emphasizes his reputation as an angel investor and his expertise in mobile app development, which has been showcased through collaborations with major companies such as Smart Communications, Samsung Philippines, and Cirrena Labs. 

In a statement, Galang expressed his excitement to join the firm as its advisor. 

”Gelo and Paul are two of the most promising founders I’ve met. It’s not just their innovative ideas that inspire me, but also their vision, talent and unwavering dedication to bringing meaningful change to the industry. I look forward to sharing my insights and experience to support their journey,” he commented

Blockchain Council of the Philippines’ Donald Lim

Photo for the Article - Globe, Draper Startup House, DITO CME Execs Join BayaniChain Advisory Board
Donald Lim

According to the company, as the Growth Advisor, Lim is set to bring a “wealth of expertise and experience to the table.”

Currently, Lim is the Chief Operations Officer of DITO CME, the third-largest telecommunications provider in the Philippines, and also serves as the Chief Innovation Officer of Udenna Corporation. 

Moreover, he is also giving contributions to the industry as he currently serves as President of the Blockchain Council of the Philippines and is a founding member of IMMAP Philippines. 

He has also held significant roles at well-known entities such as ABS-CBN Corporation and Yehey Corporation.

”I am most honored to share my gray hair advice and experiences to the enigmatic and passionate leaders of Bayanichain, who are next generation leaders set to conquer the Web3 world,” he stated noting that in addition to sharing his ideas and networking with the firm’s technological creations, he is also learning as much from Bayanichain.

Draper Startup House’s Cristian Munoz

Munoz has been appointed International Growth Advisor, and will provide the advisory board with a global perspective. 

Photo for the Article - Globe, Draper Startup House, DITO CME Execs Join BayaniChain Advisory Board
Cristian Munoz

Munoz is the founder of Draper Startup House Manila & LATAM and Public House Ventures, demonstrating his entrepreneurial prowess. His diverse portfolio was further bolstered by his establishment of two startups, Guanxi Corporation and MSM Luxury Estates, during his seven-year tenure in China. Bayanichain also noted his successful startup exit in his impressive track record.

Accordingly, he expresses his honor in joining Bayanichain’s advisory board, highlighting the team’s inspiring energy, structured development core, and ambitious vision for the future.

“The team brings together a structured dev core, making them better entrepreneurs in execution; unique skills to make the complicated simple and relatable to others; a vision to constantly think big and crazily out of the box. I’m eager to support how this team will shape our digital future,” he stated.


BayaniChain is a homegrown blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to enhance accessibility and data sovereignty for users and businesses. It offers a Layer 3 blockchain solution that combines security, scalability and versatility.

The layer 3 blockchain platform caters to enterprises and government agencies. Its flagship product, BridgePass, allows web2 users seamless access to web3. It also has in-house dApps, such as Likha, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, and RWards, a web3-powered loyalty management system. 

Recent Bayanichain News

In its midyear review BayaniChain reported that it has achieved notable accomplishments in the first half of 2023, including winning a government project and partnering with Gcash.

It also shared the challenges it faced, including explaining layer 3 blockchain technology to potential clients, which was addressed through clear communication strategies. Moreover, the company plans to focus on a modular blockchain to build a unified blockchain infrastructure for the Philippines and Southeast Asia in the second half of 2023.

BayaniChain also aims to enhance the BYCAccess onboarding experience and integrate Likha and Rwards to provide a seamless transaction experience, localized NFT marketplace, loyalty programs, and enhanced user engagement.

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