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On Personal Information

BitPinas monitors its own traffic data using Google Analytics. As such, when you visit BitPinas, non-identifiable information such as your IP address, location, browser, device, etc are collected. This data are only used to analyze our traffic, such as our bounce rate and pages per view, so that we can further improve the usability of the website.

We collect your email through our newsletter or when you decide to fill out our contact forms in our inquiry and advertising pages. All email addresses and names you fill into those forms are kept confidential and shall never be used apart from sharing our newsletter (if you sign up in our newsletter) or communicating with you (If you have an inquiry).

On Cookies

Cookies are stored on the users’ computer. A session cookie gets deleted when the user closes the web browser. A non-session cookie stays until the user deletes it.

Cookies are used by websites to learn how users interact with the content in the site, with the goal of improving the user experience. As always, these are non-identifiable.

Google Analytics, which is BitPinas’ analytics platform uses cookies. These cookies store information on how users interact with the website. This allows the website to check out the aggregate / total dimensions and metrics such as page per views, landing pages visited, bounce rate, etc. And such dimensions and metrics will be assessed and used to better improve the website.

At times, BitPinas embeds YouTube videos and there are social sharing buttons on the website. These are third party suppliers and we are not responsible as to how these other websites will use their cookies. The same goes for external websites that BitPinas links to. It is recommended that the user checks out these external websites’ privacy policies and terms of conditions to determine how they use your information.

On Advertising

We have implemented Google Adsense on Bitpinas. Google uses cookies to serve ads on Bitpinas. Google abides by its policies, which can be found here.

Cookies are used with regards to advertising to determine what goods and services will be of greater interest to the users browsing the website. They follow the standard advertising practices which you can find here:

Bitpinas’ Privacy Policy is last updated on July 4, 2018.