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MMORPG Forgotten Runiverse Moves to Ronin Blockchain

Photo for the Article - MMORPG Forgotten Runiverse Moves to Ronin Blockchain

Ronin welcomes Forgotten Runiverse: public gameplay event slated for August.

Forgotten Runiverse, a free-to-play MMORPG based on the popular NFT collection Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult, is migrating from Arbitrum to the Ronin blockchain.

What’s the significance: This is not the first time a game has moved from one blockchain and into Ronin, suggesting that there might be more games that will move to the Sky Mavis-developed technology because of its large number of users. [Read more: Ronin Games List – The Blockchain Games on Ronin Network]

Forgotten Runiverse, developed by veterans from Ubisoft and Blizzard, is a pixel art MMORPG rooted in the lore of Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult.

  • Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult is a transmedia franchise with a global comic series, an upcoming TV show, and a $110 million digital collectibles ecosystem.

The migration to Ronin promises faster transactions and lower fees, making in-game interactions more seamless and engaging.

  • The game evolves with community-driven gameplay.
  • Players shape gameplay through contributed lore and in-game plots.
  • The game aims for a more collaborative experience:
    • Formation of guilds for cooperative play.
    • PvE expeditions for adventure and challenges.
    • PvP engagements for competitive gameplay.
    • Resource gathering from diverse locations.
    • Crafting system enabling creation of various in-game items.
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Players may participate in a closed beta on July 31, followed by the New Foundations event in August, offering exclusive mintable rewards and new in-game content.

  • New Foundations event: Pre-alpha release allowing players to mint and build on plots.
Photo for the Article - MMORPG Forgotten Runiverse Moves to Ronin Blockchain

Key quote:

The CEO of Sky Mavis says the team at The Forgotten Universe has dedicated over three years to create an MMORPG built for mass adoption:

“The Forgotten Runiverse’s vision of building a game that enables the community to interact in meaningful ways through shared experiences, storytelling, and adventure resonates with the Ronin community.”

Trung Nguyen, CEO, Sky Mavis

Runiverse developer Bisonic co-founder Kata praised Ronin for its pioneering role in web3 gaming:

“Ronin stands out by delivering the only successful blend of Web3 technology and community at scale – the perfect recipe for a successful MMORPG.”

Kata, co-founder, Bisonic

What’s next:

  • The game aims to launch on the Epic Game Store (where players can now add it to the Wishlist) and its optimization for mobile devices later this year.
  • After the public gameplay event in August, expect new dungeons, quests, and story content to be introduced, further expanding the game’s universe.

Worth reading:

Sky Mavis launched Ronin zkEVM, a Layer 2 chain using zero-knowledge technology to scale its gaming ecosystem. [Read more: Ronin Games List – The Blockchain Games on Ronin Network]

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