How YGG’s Crypto Donation Drive Made Impact to Odette Victims

Our writer Nat lists the donations received by YGG that it is now using to help victims of Typhoon Odette.

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A feature by Nath Cajuday, last updated on January 4, 2022.

Starting 2022 with a positive trend, YGG Pilipinas reported that it already surpassed its original target of assisting 1,500 households, and already assisted 1,600 households, with enough funds to reach 3,000 more households.

How did YGG Pilipinas reach about $1.4 million (about Php 71.1 billion) through the blockchain community?

Typhoon Odette’s landfall surge

Super Typhoon ‘Rai’, locally known as Odette, made its first landfall on December 16, 2021, bringing torrential rains, violent winds, floods and storm surges to Visayas and Mindanao.

In the morning of December 17, 2021, YGG Pilipinas tweeted that it was already working with community managers to raise money for #OdettePH victims, and started to accept donations. 

YGG’s co-founder, Gabby Dizon, immediately responded to this announcement, and pledged a personal donation of 5 ETH (Php 1 million). 

Support from communities started

December 17, 2021 was a long busy day for YGG Pilipinas. Axie Infinity personalities like Team RRGMS, Mr. Donut, Axu Spraky, KooKoo Crypto TV, instantly supported this announcement by adding some encouragement in supporting this drive.

Total Fund Report

An overwhelming support from different groups and individuals started to pour out right after the announcement.

In YGG’s first hour of donation drive, around Php 3,000,000.00 pesos ($60,000.00) in crypto donations were already collected.

In the second hour, over Php 4,000,000.00 ($80,000.00) was tallied.

And in the third hour, at 1:30 in the afternoon, about Php 6,000,000.00 ($110,000.00) were already raised. 

Meanwhile, in the morning of December 18, 2021, YGG announced that it already received over Php 9,000,000.00 (more than $ 180,000.00) in donations and started to collect the data of the affected community members.

Hours later, the total funds raised were already over Php 10,000,000.00 (more than 200,000.00) and the first wave of #CryptoAyuda recipients were in preparation already.

In the afternoon of December 19, 2021, more than Php 11.4 million (about $230,000.00) was tallied. YGG reported that it started its communication with the army, the navy, private helicopter services, chartered planes, and professional relief orgs.

Furthermore, the total funds reached over Php 18 million (about $350,000.00) on December 21st.

December 22, 2021, moreover, the donations have exceeded Php 21 million ($420,000.00).

The day before Christmas, YGG Pilipinas’ Luis Buenaventura II, reported in his Cryptoday 064 newsletter that the total donations were about Php 31 million ($600,000.00).

On Christmas day, the total funds reached Php 43 million (about $870,000.00).

Meanwhile, on the New Year’s Eve of 12:00 pm, YGG announced that it has surpassed its original target of assisting 1,500 households, and was targeting for 3,000 more households to be reached. 

Donations from other individuals, groups, and blockchain game developers 

Aside from the anonymous donations that surged towards YGG’s relief efforts, big names from the crypto community arose and also contributed to the #CryptoAyuda donation drive. 

Axie Sisters donated $500.00, the very first personality to publicly respond in the donation drive call, contributing two hours after the announcement was tweeted. 

Street and Travel Photographer Ian Robert Yao, announced on Twitter that all earnings from the auction of his genesis photo from his Infinite Realities collection will go to YGG Pilipinas. 

On the other hand, a day before Christmas, DeFi Kingdoms, on its Twitter account, announced that its community was making a decision on how to help the victims of Typhoon Odette. On Christmas Day, it announced that the community decided to open a secure wallet. where donations can be sent directly and DFK will match up to $250,000.00 USD.

Similarly, SuperWhale conducted “Raid-A-Thon” that raised about Php 523,745.25 ($10,500.00) which was donated to YGG Pilipinas’ fund raising activity.

Meanwhile, content creator VMG had his Midnight Charity Stream. According to VMG, the stream has collected a total of Php 45,000.00. The collected funds were sent to YGG’s Country Manager, Luis Buenaventura II.

In a likely manner, Extra Rai, had his stream for a cause and collected a total of Php 45,000.00.

Thereafter, YGG’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Colin Goltra, also announced that he donated 300 AXS (approximately Php 1.5 million) to YGG Pilipinas’ drive, together with an encouragement to everyone to consider giving what they can. 

More guilds and developers from the community also responded to this donation call, even after almost about a week passed. Aurory Project, a Solana-based blockchain gaming studio, donated $100,000.00 (more than Php 5 million) and RFOX also donated $10,000.00 (more than Php 500,000.00) on December 22nd. On Chain Monkey, donated 5 ETH and The Ether Orcs’ community raised a total of 4.88 ETH that was donated to YGG on December 23rd. And Skrice Studios also contributed 3.63 ETH on Christmas Eve. 

YGG’s list of donation drives

The first donation from the fund raised was deployed to a Siargao Medical Mission. The donation was worth 2.5 ETH (Php 481,611.00) and was sent on December 18th.

On December 20, YGG also donated Php 999,420.69 pesos (5.07 ETH) to World Food Programme Philippines to support its ongoing relief efforts in Butuan.

On the same day, moreover, YGG also deployed another PHP 999,420.69 (5.07 ETH) to World Vision PH that had relief operations in Bohol, Cebu, Negros, Southern Leyte, and Surigao.

Meanwhile, YGG sent Php 500,000.00 to Axies Alerts PH for its volunteer efforts in Tigbauan, Iloilo and Sipalay, Negros, distributing hot meals and drinking water to affected families.

On December 22nd, 35,000 liters of drinking water was delivered to Cebu in cooperation with the Armed Forces of the Philippines. 

And on January 4, 2022, YGG reported that it has reached over 1,600 households with its #cryptoayuda program and have enough community funds to reach at least 3,000 more. YGG’s goal is to rebuild these houses that were destroyed by the Typhoon. 

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, due to Super Typhoon Odette, the 16 million people living in severely affected areas, and 2.4 million people in need of assistance, requires $107.2 million (about Php 5.5 billion) funding for the recovery.

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