Heart Evangelista Releases Her NFTs on OpenSea

According to Evangelista, both paintings, made during the strict lockdown in Metro Manila, were her way of getting through the pandemic.

By Shiela Bertillo

In a Facebook post, media personality and artist Heart Evangelista announced the official release today of her own non fungible token (NFT) art in OpenSea, one of the biggest NFT marketplaces, today November 4. 

“Guys, today’s the day! I’m so proud and honored that I’m launching my first NFTs on OpenSea,” the artist wrote. 

Evangelista priorly announced in a post published October 20 that she is set to release her own non-fungible token (NFT) art in collaboration with Luis Buenaventura, founder of CryptoPop Art Guild, regular BitPinas contributor, and one of the first Filipino NFT artists, as well as with Rodel Colmenar, musical director of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra. 

“My collab with @heart021485 is up now on OS. The first piece “Pluviam” is a remix of one of her lockdown paintings from 2020, and is a nice departure from my usual illustrative style.” Buenaventura wrote in a tweet.

According to Evangelista, both paintings, made during the strict lockdown in Metro Manila, were her way of getting through the pandemic. 

“Like many people, the lockdown was a time of great transition for me. Suddenly, everything going on in my busy life slowed down and for the first time, I was able to be still and contemplate the huge changes that were going on. Painting these pieces was so therapeutic and helped me process the crazy time we went through. I feel these pieces immortalize what I, and probably many of you, felt during the lockdowns. Hopefully we never have to go through anything like that again, but I think it’s important we have art like these NFTs that commemorate what we went through and eventually overcame,”  she explained.

Further, Evangelista expressed how proud she is with their collaborative output as they “created a piece that truly immortalizes the transitions, stillness, and emotions we experienced as last year’s craziness put our lives to a halt.”

“We worked on this piece with Manila Philharmonic Orchestra composer Rodel Colmenar so please make sure to turn the sound WAY up when you view it!” Buenaventura added, highlighting the musical features of their NFT.

Currently, the minimum bid required for “Pluviam” is 2.5 ETH, which is 575,795.70 when converted to peso. While the other painting titled “Desiderantium” is being sold at the minimum of 2 ETH (or 460,628.47).

The sale of these NFTs will end on November 18.

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