Upcoming Play In Manila Will Accept Cryptocurrency To Purchase Tickets

The landmark play The Ballad of Ali of Keshan will arrive soon in Manila and will test accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

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November 21, 2018. An award-winning musical play is coming to the country and will accept cryptocurrency as a payment.

The Ballad of Ali of Keshan was written by Mr. Haldun Taner in 1964. A play that depicts the problems of the society, it has earned numerous awards, staged in nine different countries, and was played 2000 times. In addition, it has inspired movie and TV adaptations.

The play will run at least 9 times enabling it to be watched by thousands of audience around that time frame. With 40 actors participating, both local and international, the production company is set to announce their names soon.

The performance will run for at least nine times and reach thousands of audience. During the play, the audience will witness the reasons behind the everyday problems we face such as fraud, mass hysteria, bureaucracy, middleman as well as sentimental love.”

The production company will accept cryptocurrencies if it gains enough interest from the local crypto community. They are also looking for crypto-related companies to collaborate with.

For collaborations & more details please send an e-mail to; balladofali.ph@gmail.com

In other stories of adoption, it was previously reported here on BitPinas that Philippine Airlines also accepts bitcoin via Coins.ph.

Another good adoption of cryptocurrency is Pangasinan’s Blockchain Fuel as spotted by Mr. Ardy Mejorada. The gas station’s name is Blockchain Fuel and according to Mr. Mejorada’s post, it also accepts bitcoin. However, when he got there, the owner of the station is not around to transact the bitcoin payment.

According to a blockchain advocate, Mr. Brock Pierce, the easiest way to learn blockchain is through cryptocurrency. He said that just like the internet, it needs usage in order to be understood.

In a survey made by Sage, 31% are happy to receive cryptocurrency as salary. The 33% of the people who said yes are millennials who are in the 25 – 34 age group.

Another study revealed that millennials are now looking at cryptocurrencies as a preferred long-term investment. More than 25% of these youngsters either own or hold’s cryptocurrency.

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