PH-Developed Anito Legends Readies For App Store Launch

Anito Legends could be the first web3 game to be available natively on all modern platforms.

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After achieving a successful early access launch on both the Epic Game Store and Google Play Store, the homegrown web3 game Anito Legends has reached a new milestone with its upcoming release on another major platform. The auto-battler game has recently received approval for distribution on the Apple App Store.

Anito Legends on the App Store

On April 4, in a post on the X platform, Anito Legends officially announced that the iOS version of the game had been approved for distribution. The game is currently available via TestFlight.

Last Saturday, the developers shared the link where players can pre-order the game.

Jayvee Fernandez, the Chief Marketing Officer of Gawang Ginto Inc, the studio responsible for Anito Legends, highlighted that achieving native iOS compliance, alongside compatibility with Android and Epic for PC and Mac, serves as evidence that Web3 games can rival “traditional” games in the same arena. 

“There are stringent measures for web3 games to be accepted into Play Store and App Store and we have been working on these since Q3 last year. Free to Play launch was our first step towards this.”

Jayvee Fernandez, Chief Marketing Officer, Anito Legends

Fernandez also noted that gated non-fungible token (NFT) games are prohibited on these platforms.

Anito Legends on other platforms

In March, Anito Legends made its debut on the Google Play Store, granting players Early Access. As per the developers, going forward, updates for the game will be delivered through the Play Store which will enhance the overall gaming experience.

In December 2023, the game also launched on the Epic Games Store which was noted to result in a significant increase in player count. The game store page for Anito Legends emphasized its utilization of blockchain and NFT technology, with all transactions managed by its publisher. Players were advised to conduct their research before engaging in cryptocurrency purchases, and third-party marketplace transactions are undertaken at their own risk. 

What is Anito Legends?


Anito Legends is a free-to-play gaming experience accessible across iOS, Android, PC, and Mac platforms. 

Combining elements of strategy, adventure, and mythology, players assemble teams of mythical creatures known as Anitos, categorized into four classes: Kiwig, Sarangay, Siyokoy, and Tikbalang. Customization of equipment, embarking on adventures, and engaging in battles with fellow players are core aspects of gameplay. The incorporation of play-and-earn mechanics allows participants to accumulate rewards through battling, collecting and customizing Anitos, and exploring the game world. 

In-game tokens ($GINTO and $LARO) facilitate in-app transactions and serve various purposes within the game. Additionally, players have the opportunity to delve into NFT assets, acquiring unique Anitos, equipment, and other items to enhance their gaming experience. With both single-player and multiplayer modes available, Anito Legends offers diverse experiences, ranging from battling through towers for rewards in single-player mode to engaging in strategic auto-battles against other players in multiplayer mode. 

Yvette Tan, a recipient of the Don Carlos Palanca Award for Literature and acclaimed horror writer, contributes to the game’s lore as a creative consultant for the Land of Lupa, the world mode in Anito Legends.

Other Anito Legends News

Photo for the Article - PH-Developed Anito Legends Readies For App Store Launch

In October, the game migrated to Polygon from the Binance Smart Chain. Fernandez stated that the decision was motivated by the increased partnership prospects offered by the platform, especially within the gaming community in the Philippines. Developers also established new pools of $LARO and $GINTO on Polygon from BSC.

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