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Social Media Marketing Manager

This job has been expired
Immortal Studios
Web3 Gaming at it's Finest.

Immortal Studios Triple AAA game studio in Stealth creating blockchain games disrupting the web2 and web3 gaming industry. Our first IP ‘Spoils of War’ is an FPS shooter where players reap the spoils of the kills they get. The game is a F2P model with P2E mechanics paid out in our native transactable currency. This Mobile and PC game will be launching soon and worldwide and we are looking for grow our family as a top game series.


  • Remote or Hybrid

Social Media Marketing Manager:

  • We are building a family here at Spoils hiring for a SMM.

Required Skills:

  • Proficient Video Editing Skills
  • Understanding of Social Media Algorithms
  • Deep Understanding of FPS gaming
  • Basic Understanding of Blockchain Technology
  • Photoshop/Adobe or Image editing skills

Social Platforms:

  • YouTube/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook
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  • Create content pipelines for daily and weekly uploads(Inhouse content team)
  • Social Media Growth
  • Brand Traction
  • Fan Engagement