DTX Airdrop: Earn Crypto Points Through DTX’s New Starship Program Launch

As the announcement hinted, the program will have multiple phases, with Phase 1 ‌now live.

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DTX, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform operating on the Blast network, has introduced its Starship Program. This initiative allows participants to earn FUEL points through their own airdrops and accumulate Blast points in anticipation of an upcoming Blast airdrop.

DTX Introduction

DTX (https://dtx.trade/), this Blast-based decentralized exchange (DEX) positions itself as the “trading Eden for degens.” The platform supports perpetual trades, liquidity provision across various pools, and features over 100 crypto markets with leverage up to 100x.

Unlike traditional order book systems, DTX boasts a unique synthetic architecture that enhances the trading experience by eliminating slippage and ensuring guaranteed order execution. This system allows for flexible collateral use and market-making, optimizing capital efficiency for liquidity providers (LPs).

Photo for the Article - DTX Airdrop: Earn Crypto Points Through DTX’s New Starship Program Launch

DTX offers multiple order types including market, limit, and TP/SL orders, with no deposit required, ensuring traders maintain self-custody of their funds.

For LPs, the DEX ensures risk isolation between different asset vaults and offers the choice of earning from standard or alpha pools. LPs benefit from organic yield derived from trading activities, which includes a share of trading fees and trader losses.

A notable feature attracting community interest is the use of NFTs as accounts. As the developers explain, “We adopt the ERC-1155 standard to link on-chain data with fungible and non-fungible tokens in our protocol, enhancing composability for potential interactions with other protocols.” This approach simplifies asset management by reducing the need for multiple wallets and facilitates asset migration between protocols.

DTX Airdrop Guide

Before March 2024 concluded, DTX announced the “DTX Starship Program,” a multi-phased rewards initiative for early adopters. Season 1 is currently active, employing a points system named FUEL, with rewards distributed based on accumulated points.

To join the Season 1: 

  • Step 1: Go to https://dtx.trade/airdrop
  • Step 2: Connect a wallet. Compatible wallets include WalletConnect, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase. 
  • Step 3: Execute a trade. FUEL points can only be obtained by executing trades. 
  • Step 4: Refer new users to secure 0.25% multiplier per successful referral. 
  • Step 5: Monitor the FUEL points accumulated at https://dtx.trade/leaderboard

Participants will also earn Blast points and Blast Gold—a special token within the Blast ecosystem—through trading and liquidity provision. However, in Season 1, LPs are ineligible for FUEL points, though future seasons will incorporate rewards for these activities.

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DTX is planning multiple seasons with targeted incentives for different user groups, including LPs. “In Season 1, a vibrant trading market fueled by incentive programs for traders will ultimately benefit LPs through our unique vault design,” the DTX team stated.

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