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Trust Wallet Undergoes Brand Refresh

Photo for the Article - Trust Wallet Undergoes Brand Refresh
  • Trust Wallet has undergone a significant rebranding, introducing a new logo, app design, and user interface to emphasize the core message “Trust Yourself” and promote user empowerment in the Web3 ecosystem. 
  • The updated Trust Wallet mobile app and extension versions will be rolled out globally in stages, starting on October 16, 2023. 
  • The aim of these changes is to provide user-centric tools and technology for navigating the complexities of the cryptocurrency world and granting users the financial autonomy they deserve.

The self-custody wallet Trust Wallet has recently unveiled a comprehensive brand refresh, including a new logo, updated app design, and improved user interface. The wallet noted that its transformation is centered on the core message “Trust Yourself,” which emphasizes users’ empowerment and financial autonomy.

Trust Wallet Changes

In a press release, the firm stated that its brand evolution is aimed at increasing Web3 accessibility to everyday people by providing a “thoughtfully designed platform” that seamlessly combines a user-friendly approach with robust functionalities.

One of the most noticeable changes to the Trust Wallet brand is the new logo. According to the press release, the new logo’s vibrant two-tone palette, Trust Blue and Green, is universally accessible and meets AAA compliance standards for visual accessibility. It is also adaptable to both light and dark modes. 

Moreover, other notable upgrades include enhanced navigation, which ensures seamless access to features such as wallet switching and token discovery, and a bold new shield logo that signifies unwavering security.

In addition, the updated mobile app and extension versions with the new look will be released globally in stages starting on October 16, 2023. 

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The firm stated that these changes are a major step forward in Trust Wallet’s goal of providing user-centric tools and technology for navigating the complexities of the crypto world and giving users the financial autonomy they deserve.

The media release also emphasized that the wallet is user-friendly, and can be used to buy, store, earn, and swap cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and manage other digital assets like NFTs.

In addition to supporting 16 languages across every continent, Trust Wallet also disclosed that it garnered over 70 million downloads globally, supports about 100 blockchains, and enables a range of activities such as staking and cross-chain swaps.

Photo for the Article - Trust Wallet Undergoes Brand Refresh
Trust Wallet New Website

Trust Wallet CEO on the brand changes

“This upgrade represents a pivotal milestone since our 2017 inception, marking the inaugural leap in our long-term strategy of empowering users’s financial freedom, with a series of upcoming updates. ”

Eowyn Chen, CEO, Trust Wallet

Chen also emphasized that Trust Wallet has transcended its role as a mere wallet and now serves as a dependable entry point to the Web3 realm. She also noted that in line with their foundational principles of empowering users, Trust Wallet places a strong emphasis on fostering user trust and confidence as it assists individuals in navigating the cryptocurrency space.

“By offering user-centric products and services, we’re equipping people with the essential tools and technology to confidently explore what Web3 has to offer, ultimately granting them the financial autonomy they deserve,” she wrote in a statement. 

Moreover, Chen stressed that Trust stands as a “guardian of security, and an advocate for user empowerment.”

“Our new Trust Wallet carries forward the simplicity and trustworthiness our users have always appreciated,” she concluded. 

Recent Trust Wallet News

In a June interview with BitPinas, Chen shared that the company is prioritizing user needs by expanding support for multiple blockchains, launching the open-source project Trust Wallet Core, and introducing a successful browser extension in 2022.

In April, Trust Wallet confirmed to have suffered an exploit that resulted in $170,000 in user losses. The company issued an update to address a WebAssembly vulnerability in its open-source library Wallet Core. Moreover, to compensate affected users, the firm provided a refund and gas fee assistance to help with the expenses related to transferring their funds.

In March, Trust Wallet partnered with Ledger, a hardware wallet provider, to enhance user security. This integration enables Trust Wallet users to securely manage their digital assets through the Trust Wallet Browser Extension, combining the benefits of both cold storage and hot wallet functionalities. 

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