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Plots.Finance Airdrop of $PLOTS Token Eligibility Guide

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Update: Sky Mavis, YGG Clarify Position on Plots Finance

Updated on March 30 for more airdrop details. Refer to this section.

Plots Finance emerges as a pioneering Game item Financing (GiFi) platform, designed to democratize access to in-game items. A snapshot has already been taken on March 25th, but there’s another snapshot on March 31 for Pixels players and RON stakers on the YGG validator.

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Plots.Finance Mission and Objectives

The platform is driven by a dual mission:

  • Leading Platform for Renting Gaming Items: Plots Finance aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by becoming the go-to platform for renting out gaming items. This initiative seeks to remove financial barriers to entry for gamers, allowing them more freedom to explore and enjoy various gaming experiences.
  • Largest Game Item Management Organization: Beyond renting, Plots Finance aspires to create the largest game item management organization. This ambition is centered around generating real yields for NFT and token holders, effectively creating a sustainable and profitable ecosystem for all parties involved.
Photo for the Article - Plots.Finance Airdrop of $PLOTS Token Eligibility Guide

Plots.Finance Core Features

  • Affordable Access to In-Game Items: By leveraging DeFi principles, Plots Finance facilitates affordable access to game assets, enabling gamers to borrow or fractionally purchase in-game items without the need to pay rent upfront.
  • Yield Generation for NFT Owners and Passive Investors: The platform not only benefits gamers but also provides avenues for NFT owners and investors to earn yields from their digital assets.
  • Decentralized Ecosystem: Plots Finance integrates a decentralized governance model, separating the exposure to in-game NFTs from the broader decision-making processes within the DAO. This structure ensures a balanced and inclusive approach to platform governance and asset management.

Plots.Finance Airdrop of $PLOTS Tokens

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Plots.Finance has disclosed plans for an airdrop of its $PLOTS token. The airdrop is targeted at a diverse group of NFT collections’ holders and dedicated players within specific platforms.

$PLOTS Airdrop Details and Eligibility

Here are the critical details regarding the snapshot dates and the communities involved:

Snapshot Completed on March 25th

  1. Heroes of Mavia game landowners.
  2. Mocaverse NFT holders
  3. Holders of Lil Pudgys
  4. Parallel TCG card holders
  5. Owners of RektGuy NFTs
  6. participants who staked $BLUR tokens for Redacted

Upcoming Snapshot on March 31st

The following groups are slated for a snapshot on Sunday, March 31st at 7 am EST, to determine eligibility for the airdrop:

  • Farmland Holders and Top Players:
    • Pixels Online farmland holders & the top 1,000 players.
    • Ronin Network $RON stakers on the Yield Guild Games validator.
    • NuCyber NFT apartment holders & top 1,000 players.
      • 1 shard = 1200 $PLOTS (snapshot for this is April 5th at 7am EST, the rest below are on March 31 at 7am EST)
      • 1 small apartment = 600 $PLOTS
      • 1 medium apartment = 690 $PLOTS
      • 1 large apartment = 900 $PLOTS
      • 1 luxury apartment = 1800 $PLOTS
      • 1 penthouse = 10,200 $PLOTS

Snapshot on April 5th

  • Extra Airdrop to be earned when you join the Plots.Finance guild on Pixels. (Nucyber x Plots)
  • All shard holders will receive $plots tokens as a reward for their membership in the guild. Each shard entitles the holder to an airdrop equivalent to two small Nucyber apartments.
  • Selling a shard prior to the distribution will result in forfeiture of all benefits.
  • Members are allowed to purchase an unlimited number of shards, with rewards increasing proportionally.

How to Claim the Plots Airdrop

Eligible holders and players from all nine categories will have the opportunity to claim their $PLOTS tokens starting Sunday, March 31st at 1 pm EST.

Special Note for RON Stakers

RON stakers must ensure their tokens are delegated to the Yield Guild Games (YGG) validator by the snapshot time of 7 am EST on Sunday, March 31, to qualify for the airdrop. (The minimum to stake is 20 RON)

Check out this link for our step by step guide to stake $RON to a validator.

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