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International Finance Expo | FiFin

International Finance Expo | FiFin

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As an experienced financial event organizer, FiFin has held more than 90 financial events.

IFINEXPOs are the most popular events in the past few years which were held by FiFin.

After successfully holding events in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Sydney, and Nigeria, FiFin chose the Philippines as its next stop. Manila is the economic center and largest port of the Philippines.

The financial industry is well developed in this city. Due to the active financial market, superior geographical location and favorable policy environment, Manila has attracted the attention of many exhibitors.

The theme of this event is “Building a platform for knowledge sharing and resource docking”.

We are committed to providing a communication platform for financial practitioners, increasing brand exposure and customer acquisition opportunities, and providing solutions for the development of financial-related enterprises. In this event, the exhibition and the summit will be held at the same time to gather information resources and effectively connect all links, people, technology, products and capital in the finance industry chain.

Theme of the exhibition:

  • 1. Establish a professional and high-end brand image for foreign exchange-related enterprises.
  • 2. Build a platform for knowledge sharing and resource docking.
  • 3. Provide brand promotion and exposure opportunities for foreign exchange related companies.
  • 4. Connect information resources and solutions for the development of enterprises.

Event Features:

  • Global Communication and Impact
  • This event cooperates with a number of professional financial media in the financial industry to achieve global event promotion and information dissemination and enhance brand influence.
  • Expand high-end contacts in the financial industry chain and provide participants with sufficient communication opportunities.
  • This event integrates the upstream and downstream resources of the financial industry, and provides necessary technical support and resource sharing services for the participants.
  • A number of industry elites shared dry goods, learned industry knowledge, and conducted in-depth discussions. Communicate face-to-face with customers, reduce marketing costs, and increase brand awareness and influence.
  • The perfect space for personal presentation and business development.
  • Every attendee will have the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, including booths, lounges, meetings and interactive experience areas.
  • Every participant will have the opportunity to have in-depth exchanges with top leaders and senior practitioners in the financial field, and expand high-end network resources.

Reference topics:

  • The development status and future of Southeast Asia’s fintech industry;
  • Is the cryptocurrency industry the ultimate goal for the development of innovative finance industry?
  • How can the marketing methods and channels of the Philippines’ brokers better serve investors?
  • How does the forex market in the Philippines combine local advantages in customer service?
  • What investors are most concerned about is the safety of funds.
  • What protection measures are there now?
  • The current state and future of the global innovative financial market
  • Where will the global capital market go under the influence of the coronavirus pandemic and geopolitical conflicts,?
  • Investors always have loopholes in trading.
  • Do you think your trading system stereo?
  • What makes a good trader?
  • How to view the documentary trading system objectively?
  • How does intelligent trading help us trade?
  • In the era of artificial intelligence, how do we position ourselves to take a good trading path?
  • Should institutional investors be an option for us?

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Date And Time

2025-09-19 @ 08:30 AM to
2025-09-19 @ 05:00 PM

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