First Regional Blockchain Campus Conference Announced

Learn more about the upcoming Blockchain Campus Conference, set to happen this May in Pampanga.

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Updated on March 29, 2024 at 6:20pm to highlight Holy Angel University - School of Computing as key organizer of the conference.

Blockchain Campus Conference 2024 is set to happen from May 2 – 3, 2024 in Pampanga. The conference aims to empower participants through education, experience, and networking opportunities in the field of blockchain technology.

First Regional Blockchain Campus Conference 

The Holy Angel University – School of Computing is organizing and presenting the 1st Regional Blockchain Campus Conference in Luzon co-organized and co-presented by its partner The BLOKC together with the Junior Blockchain Education Consortium of the Philippines (JBECP), and Philippine Society of Information Technology Education (PSITE) Region 3.

Photo for the Article - First Regional Blockchain Campus Conference Announced
Eli Becislao, Managing Director, The BLOKC

“With the theme “Empowerment through Education, Experience, and Events,” we aim to provide a platform for learning, sharing, and networking among blockchain enthusiasts and professionals,” the Facebook post stated. 

Eli Becislao, Managing Director at The BLOKC, expressed that this year’s Blockchain Campus Conference will be “bigger and better” as it will take place across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

“Since it is endorsed by CHED and supported by other government agency stakeholders for blockchain and other emerging technology, we are looking forward for more insights, learnings and opportunities that this event will forge not only for the attendees but also for all the partners and exhibitors,” he added.

The BLOKC University Collaborations

Photo for the Article - First Regional Blockchain Campus Conference Announced

Last year, The BLOKC partnered with both Lyceum University of the Philippines (LPU) and Mapua University’s School of Information Technology to enhance blockchain education. 

The collaboration with LPU focuses on providing students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in blockchain technology. Meanwhile, at Mapua University, blockchain is currently offered as an elective course, with plans to formalize it as a specialization in the future. These partnerships involve various activities, including structured internships, faculty training, curriculum review, hackathons, seminars, and other collaborative initiatives.

Other The BLOKC Initiatives

Photo for the Article - First Regional Blockchain Campus Conference Announced

In 2023, The BLOKC partnered with the non-profit Solana Foundation to address the talent deficit in the Philippines’ blockchain industry through boot camps. The initiative aimed to leverage Solana’s potential to provide opportunities for skilled developers in the country. 

In addition to its advocacy for Solana, The BLOKC has also shown strong support for the Arbitrum blockchain.

In November of last year, the organization established a partnership with the Arbitrum Foundation to facilitate the spread of Arbitrum blockchain technology across the Philippines. This collaboration involves a variety of initiatives, including Developer Bootcamps, community gatherings, and hackathons, all designed to bolster the capabilities of developers and enterprises. The goal is to encourage the creation and use of decentralized applications (dApps), with a particular focus on cultivating a vibrant community.

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