Kookoo is First Creator Partner with MetaSports

Kookoo (@KookooCryptoTV) has just signed with Metasports as their first-ever Creator Partner.

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XtoEarn content creator, Level Up Gaming Guild founder, and pioneering web3 PH face, Kookoo (@KookooCryptoTV) has just signed with Metasports as their first-ever Creator Partner. 

Creator management is Metasports’ newest endeavor with Kookoo that aims to develop a new blueprint for web3 content creator management, bridging professionalism from web2 standards to the next-gen profile of web3 gaming content creators.

This move stems from the observation of a disconnect between traditional KOL management and a different nature of web3 vs web2 gaming content creators. Web3 gaming KOLs are more financially savvy, are investors in NFT assets, and are exposed to items beyond gameplay such as gameplay loops and tokenomics. Not to mention, with web3 being trustless by default, plus hefty investments at stake, KOLs hold great responsibility in establishing and maintaining credibility and reliability among their audiences.

Creators in web3 gaming need a more fluid type of management that can set foundations of professionalism while still understanding their nature as crypto-savvy individuals. Metasports has been collaborating with Kookoo in recent months, professionalizing his content foundation, advising on inbound projects, and strategizing sustainable growth—this officially marks the next step in the collaboration.

Metasports in close collaboration with Kookoo, will continuously develop the “new blueprint” moving on from web2 to web3 content creator management. We’re excited to share milestones and progress of our partnership as it grows. Soon, we’ll open our doors to more partnerships with promising creators and personalities in web3 gaming—stay tuned.


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