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Chief Operating Officer

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TopJuan Tech
TopWallet allows users to conduct mobile financial transactions and also provides access to our digital marketplace, Juan's TopShop.

About TopJuan Tech Corporation (TTC)

TTC, a Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP) regulated organisation, is a Manila, Philippines based financial technology company focused on digital financial services and solutions to individuals and businesses.

Business Model

  • Fully licenced payment gateway and processor for fiat and crypto with B2C and B2B functionality
  • End consumer facing wallet application with financial inclusion solutions such as bill payments, loads etc
  • Business facing open api infrastructure for providing payment solutions
  • As COO, you will oversee, drive and evolve the current business model and liaise closely with the Board and Management team.

The COO shall be responsible for the following activities:

  • Oversee and manage the company operations ensuring synchronisation between departments and overall efficiency
  • Develop and implement an overall vision and growth strategy for TTC
  • Negotiate agreements and oversee a team of external partners
  • Measure impact and uncover insights across similar business models to help guide decisions for future planning
  • Staying up to date regarding market trends, opportunities, and risks
  • Liaise with the team to establish and implement a communication strategy
  • Manage external relationships and agreements with government and partners
  • Track and report content and communications program results and metrics.
  • Work with CFO on PnL management and profitability

What you will need

  • Experience within the financial technology industry with preferably an understanding of the Web3 industry
  • Industry related or otherwise beneficial network within the Philippines with preferably a network expanding internationally
  • Proven experience with managing and scaling organisations, with a view to attracting strategic investment
  • Strong coordination skills and strategic mindset towards people optimization
  • Fluent language ability in English and Tagalog
  • Exceptional project and timeline management; strong attention to detail.
  • Comfortable switching quickly between a professional managed-by-numbers culture and startup environment.
  • Comfortable working with a distributed and global team.
  • Growth mindset and problem solver.
  • Business Development skills and the ability to attract and close partners
  • Business and financial industry education and qualifications preferred
  • Understanding of the Philippines market and business operations
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