Walken Walk-to-Earn App | How to Play and Earn WLKN Guide

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Web3 is filled with surprises and innovation. With the move-to-earn (M2E) genre of games emerging, one of them is Walken.

Walken is co-founded by three individuals: Alexei Kulevets, Alexei Porodzinsky and Konstantin Kozlovsky. The team aims to create a game inspired by Tamagochi and Pokemon Go, where the player can have their own CAThelete, NFT avatars, to compete in battles and dress them up. This article is a quick Walken Guide for beginners and everyone who wants to try other earning opportunities.

What is Walken?

Walken is built on the Solana network. It is designed for tracking players’ movement using their smartphone’s movement detection and can be connected to wearables to count their steps.

Players’ avatars are called CAThletes. Every thousand steps are converted to one GEM, its in-game token used to upgrade the player’s avatar attributes: speed, strength, and stamina. CATheletes can also compete with other players and earn WLKN token, the games governance token.

WLKN can be used to purchase NFTs and enhance the player’s avatar.

Walken Guide: Introduction

Players have to go to Walken’s official website to get the correct link from where they can download the app in Android or iPhone.

After logging in to their account, the user has to take note of the recovery phrase to be able to answer the next page. This recovery phrase is composed of 12 chronological words. After entering the right answers, a built-in crypto wallet is created for the user.

The user will receive a free Cathlete that has limited daily energies.

Walken Tokenomics

Walken has two tokens: GEM, an in-game token, and WLKN, its governance token. 

GEMs are accumulated based on the number of steps a user makes. With 1000 steps, a user can be rewarded with 1 GEM. Players with 2 or more CAThletes has increased Gem rewards on its multiplier. 

GEMs and WLKNs are used to level up CATheletes. Free CATHeletes become an NFT when they become level 6.

WLKNs, on the other hand, are earned by competing in Battles. WLKNs is the main currency in purchasing and selling CATheles in the in-app marketplace. The higher the level a CAThlete has, the greater WLKN the user earns.

Players can stake WLKNs and vote for major decisions of the project in the future.

Solana (SOL) is the currency used to purchase and sell hats, t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, and artifacts in the in-app marketplace. These items add to the attributes of the CATheles: Strength, Stamina and Speed.

How to play Walken in the Philippines?

There are two game modes in Walken: the earning of GEMs as the user walks and Competitions.

The player earns Gems based on the number of steps they make. Walken has a built-in algorithm to prevent players from cheating the game. For every 1000 steps, the player earns 1 GEM. 

Competition mode, on the other hand, has different Leagues.

In each League, there are challenges for the user to accomplish to earn WLKNs.

The success of the CAThlete relies on its three attributes:

  • Strength: The ability to overcome a certain resistance with the help of muscular efforts. Higher values of strength are crucial for Urban running, with many obstacles that can prevent a CAThlete from being the first to reach the finish line.
  • Stamina: This allows a CAThlete to resist fatigue during long runs. So, stamina is most vital for a marathon, a long race and a tough challenge for a CAThlete.
  • Speed: This indicates how fast a CAThlete covers the distance per unit of time. Speed is a key characteristic for sprint, that is running as fast as possible for very short distances.

Players can also breed two CAThletes to produce the ideal attributes for their offspring. A CAThlete has a limit of three breeding capability.

Walken: What is Energy?

Each CAThlete has three energies. The use of the energy is for the user to earn WLKNs and for every battle, 1 energy is consumed. The level of the NFT determines the cooldown of when the energies will be replenished.

How to Buy WLKN Token

WLKN tokens can be earned from competing in the competitions. The token can be traded in Bybit, Huobi and Gate.io.

Where to Buy WLKN Token

WLKN tokens are listed on Bybit, Huobi and Gate.io.

WLKN to PHP Conversion

As of writing, the value of 1 WLKN is ₱7.31 or 0.00000624 BTC.

Are there other move-to-earn applications?

BitPinas has provided a list of Move-to-Earn (M2E) apps that are available. Always practice due diligence in researching these games before investing in them.

Aside from Walken, there is also another move-to-earn game on the Solana network. It is called Genopets, an MMORPG game that tokenizes a player’s physical movements as assets inside the game through the help of wearable devices. (Read more: First Ever ‘Move-to-Earn’ NFT Game Raises $8.3M Seed Funding)

Stepn, an app built in the Solana ecosystem, combines the technology and concept of augmented reality (AR) game and play-to-earn gaming. (Read more: Stepn Guide Philippines: ‘Move-to-Earn’ NFT App Pays You to Walk)

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