Battlebound, Founded by Ubisoft and Blizzard Veterans, Launches Cosmic Cup and Purrtle Packs

Battlebound has launched Cosmic Cup game mode with 3D companion avatars, and Purrtle Packs, in-game wearables that can be upgraded to NFTs.

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  • Battlebound is a game studio established by veterans from Riot, Blizzard, NCSoft, and Ubisoft.
  • Evaverse, Battlebound’s Compete-to-Own platform, is live and available on Steam. Players can play the game regardless of whether they have NFTs or not.
  • Cosmic Cup is Battlebound’s new game mode where players can race 3D companion avatars. The studio has also introduced Purrtle Packs, in-game wearables that can be upgraded through gameplay to become unique NFTs.

Los Angeles-based game studio Battlebound has launched a new game mode called Cosmic Cup. The game mode  introduces Purrtle Packs, in-game wearables that can be upgraded  to become non-fungible token (NFT) avatars.

Cosmic Cup Launch Trailer

Battlebound, founded by Veterans from Riot and Blizzard,  is backed by investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Play Ventures, and Dapper Labs.

Cosmic Cup is a pet racing title that takes place within Battlebound’s Evaverse, a Compete-to-Own platform for gamers and NFT collectors. The game features an exclusive collection of Purrtles, which are a fusion of cat and turtle avatars, and taking inspiration from CryptoKitties.

Battlebound will also offer players a free Purrtle Pack, an in-game backpack that can be upgraded as players progress through different game modes within the Evaverse. Once a player reaches the maximum experience points, they will be awarded a unique 1/1 Purrtle NFT avatar.


Our goal is to create games that players will enjoy for years to come by combining fun gameplay with enhanced NFT functionality, said Adam Hensel, founder and CEO of Battlebound.

Once a Purrtle Pack evolves into a Purrtle NFT, the NFT can earn stamina by competing in Cosmic Cup. This stamina allows the NFT to continue earning rewards in the form of tickets and badges even when players are offline.

A total of 10,000 Purrtles Packs will be distributed, with 5,000 available in December and 5,000 reserved for future drops. 

Evaverse Genesis NFT holders will automatically receive a Purrtle Pack NFT, and additional packs will be distributed in December through partnerships with Coinbase Wallet, Magic Eden, and Battlebound community events. Players can register for a chance to win a Purrtle at https://www.premint.xyz/purrtles-collection/.

Players with or without NFTs are invited to play Cosmic Cup within the Evaverse on Steam.

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