Eraserheads’ Ely Buendia to Release Exclusive Musical NFT on Artifract

The partnership aims to bring Buendia’s music to the metaverse and will result in the release of an exclusive musical NFT titled “Flamed Lullaby.”

Ely Buendia Artifract

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  • Music legend Ely Buendia has entered into a partnership with Artifract, a non-fungible token (NFT) platform for fine arts.
  • The partnership aims to bring Buendia’s music to the metaverse and will result in the release of an exclusive musical NFT titled “Flamed Lullaby.”
  • The NFT will come with exclusive rights, an art print, and a certificate of authenticity and will be fractioned into no more than 2,000 pieces, with each fraction starting at ₱15,000.

Aside from well-known artists such as the national artists themselves, pioneer in Fine Arts non-fungible token platform Artifract.io welcomes a new Filipino icon. 

Recently, they announced their newly signed partnership agreement with music legend Ely Buendia, WEU Event Management Services, and Dvent Productions. Their collaboration aims to bring the Pinoy Rock Icon’s music to the Metaverse.

Photo for the Article - Eraserheads' Ely Buendia to Release Exclusive Musical NFT on Artifract

Through this collaboration, Buendia will release an exclusive musical NFT titled “Flamed Lullaby,” with his own-composed original song title called “Hele.” The artwork for this NFT was inspired by the Eraserhead’s last 2008 Reunion Concert, where the Sticker Happy Piano was burned and smashed during their final performance of “With a Smile.”

The musical art piece will be fractioned to not more than 2,000 soon-to-be owners of the NFT. The price for each fraction will start at ₱15,000 each. The token will come with exclusive royalty rights and printed version of the Artwork plus Certificate of Authenticity.

“We’re excited to be working with Artifract. This new partnership allows us the opportunity to explore other ways of sharing our music in the metaverse. We look forward to curating an exclusive set of musical pieces for our upcoming Web3 project!”, Ely Buendia stated.

With this integration, aside from being able to own a fraction of his exclusive musical NFT’s, Buendia’s fans, and music lovers in general, will be able to immerse in his musical art and will have unprecedented access to exclusive multimedia contents.

“We cannot wait to bring Ely Buendia NFTs into Artifract’s platform. Our users will be able to appreciate and have access to exclusive fractionalized musical arts. Most importantly, they will own a piece of Ely’s musical art on the blockchain,” said Marvin Agustin, co-founder of Artifract.io.

In a statement, they revealed that the initial idea as well as the conceptualizing and execution planning of launching the music icon’s NFT started with his longtime colleagues at DVent Productions and WEU Event Management Services. 

WEU President Francis D. Lumen Jr. expressed their excitement with the collaboration noting that their goal is to create “the next wave of art content for fans to enjoy and share through blockchain technology.”

“We’re neophytes in this enterprise and relatively new to the digital community, aware of the misgivings of traditional art aficionados and collectors which inspired us to thoughtfully create art featuring both digital and tangible collectible assets that have inherent value in the real world and NFT metaverse,”  Maria Diane Ventura of Dvent Productions also commented.

Rico Dela Cruz of UBX, the co-developer of Artifract, highlighted that they were “ thrilled to enable Ely Buendia and many more artists, brands, and creators to build stronger relationships and connections with their audiences using the technology we developed at Artifract and UBX.”

Last month, Artifract announced that the masterpieces of the late national artists Abdulmari Imao Sr. and Federico Aguilar Alcuaz will also be digitized and made accessible on the platform. (Read more: Works of National Artists Abdulmari Imao, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz to be NFTs Soon on Artifract)

The works of painter Juvenal Sansó were also digitized by Artifract last year after the non-profit organization that preserves his art, Fundacion Sanso, signed a partnership agreement with the platform. (Read more: Juvenal Sansó’s Masterpieces to be Preserved as NFTs under Artifract)

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