IBM Philippines CTO: Blockchain can Help in Data Management

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November 27, 2018. Digital universe or all the data that humans have created, copied and is accessible digitally is estimated to reach 20 trillion gigabytes by 2020. This 20 trillion gigabyte of data must be managed or else it can be in the hands of hackers. “The more data there is, the more data that can be stolen” and the data has a real money equivalent.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain comes in. Mr. Lope Doromal Jr., Chief Technologist of IBM, shares that the blockchain technology is not only a secure platform for data but also a trustworthy data-keeping tool that can dispense information quicker.

During the MCI-ECS Philippines’ CXO Innovation Summit that happened in Cebu on November 9 to 10, 2018, IT technology leaders stated that the digital universe will reach 20 trillion gigabytes by 2020. This is a matter of concern as this data must be guarded and protected from cybercriminals.

Since there will be more data to be produced exponentially in the future, tech solution providers are looking for answers to solve data management. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a good candidate to solve the issue.

Mr. Tarun Gupta, Regional Solutions Architect at Trend Micro says that the average cost of a data breach for a large business is around $4 million. He said that with AI, detecting the cyberattacks will get quicker than its normal 99 days period. He then shared his company’s AI-powered malware detection that can identify malicious email that can spot the tiny differences between a legitimate email and fake email.

After AI, blockchain is also a good candidate according to IBM’s Chief Technologist, Mr. Lope Doromal. He showcased how blockchain can secure and be a trustworthy data-keeping tool. Since this technology is immutable, it can hold more authentic data and because of this, people can trust its content.

With blockchain being able to record every step of the way, according to Mr. Doromal, users don’t need to swim in the sea of data. It can be used to track the movement of an item, like diamonds. With blockchain in place, users can tell where the diamond came from and lessen the chance of obtaining a “blood diamond”. This will let buyers know if the diamond they’re going to buy is legitimate or not.

AI, blockchain, and other technology is a great tool to help with the data explosion but it can not work without the presence of humans.

“The AI is not going to replace the human being. It’s just going to do things faster” – Mr. Tan Kwong Hui, Regional Category Manager, HPE Aruba

The mix of both human and technology is the best strategy to help contain the data explosion that this information generation has brought.

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