GameFi and Web3 Executive Jen Bilango Joins Coins.ph as PH Country Manager

Former BlockchainSpace executive Jen Bilango has been appointed as Philippine Country Manager for Coins.ph.

Photo for the Article - GameFi and Web3 Executive Jen Bilango Joins Coins.ph as PH Country Manager

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  • Former GameFi and web3 executive Jen Bilango has been appointed as the new country manager for the Philippines at Coins.ph, the country’s first licensed cryptocurrency exchange. Bilango previously served as General Manager and Growth Lead at BlockchainSpace where she successfully led their Guild Partner Program, connecting web3 guilds to potential games.
  • A seasoned industry executive, Jen had fostered key partnerships within the web3 sector during her tenure at BlockchainSpace, and also played a significant role in the Philippine Web3 Festival. Prior to her appointment at Coins.ph, she represented the decentralized platform The Sandbox in the Philippines and held roles at Mabuhay Capital Corporation and is currently a venture fellow in Insignia Ventures Academy.
  • As Coins.ph shifts its focus towards crypto under the leadership of Wei Zhou, Bilango steps into her new role amid a period of rapid expansion. Her background in finance and GameFi is expected to contribute significantly to the firm’s growth, with a vision of operating a global exchange headquartered in the Philippines.

Jen Bilango, the former GameFi and web3 executive of BlockchainSpace, recently revealed her appointment as the new country manager for the Philippines at the locally licensed cryptocurrency exchange giant, Coins.ph.

Jen shared the announcement during May 17’s episode of the BitPinas webcast:

Background of Jen Bilango

General Manager and Growth Lead at BlockchainSpace

A prominent figure in both the local and international web3 industries, Jen served as General Manager and Growth Lead at BlockchainSpace (BSPC), a data and infrastructure provider for play-to-earn guilds and creators, prior to joining Coins.ph. 

She played a pivotal role in developing the company’s flagship product, the Guild Partner Program, which connects web3 guilds to potential games.

During her tenure, Jen facilitated key partnerships with guilds, NFT platforms, opinion leaders, and conglomerates. The Guild Partner Program saw impressive growth, boasting 1,000 partners across 30 countries.

“I was an investment banker for several years and then I joined BSPC, and there I saw firsthand the power of communities, as guilds and small communities facilitated adoption of crypto not just in the Philippines but elsewhere” Jen shared with BitPinas of her time at the pioneer web3 company.

Involvement in the Philippine Web3 Festival and The Sandbox

As one of the more visible executives in the industry, Jen is a regular at conferences, speaking on corporate growth strategies. She was a key organizer for last year’s Philippine Web3 Festival, a week-long event that gathered local and international personalities in the crypto and web3 spaces.

During her time at BlockchainSpace, she also served as the official representative of the decentralized platform, The Sandbox, in the Philippines. Prior to that, Jen was a board director and assistant vice president at Mabuhay Capital Corporation and is currently a venture fellow at Insignia Ventures Academy.

“After leading the charge in GameFi, I’ve realized that it’s not just about communities or the way we can hypercharge communities is by providing them infrastructure, and one (way) that will facilitate adoption is on-ramp and off-ramp solutions,” Bilango shared, referring to the process of moving fiat money (pesos) into crypto and moving out crypto and converting them back to fiat. 

Jen also shared that she had a lot of friends victimized by platforms and projects that were not secure.

“So when the opportunity presented itself to be part of Coins, I know it was one of the crypto OGs (a term referring to early adopters or participants in the crypto space) and it’s one of the well-known brands in crypto, and they told me to help them with reaching out to or branching out their communities, I think I will be going back to my roots in terms of finance and adding crypto and tech on top of it,” Jen said.

Leadership Role at an Expanding Coins.ph

Jen steps into her new role, succeeding Eprom Galang, a long-time executive at Coins.ph, who has witnessed the company’s evolution through various stages, from the original founding team through Go-Jek’s acquisition and finally through the present leadership of Wei Zhou

Under Zhou, Coins.ph has shifted its focus from playing the dark horse in the e-wallet race led by fintech giants Maya and GCash, to leveraging its own strengths, as the first licensed crypto exchange in the Philippines. 

Bilango has therefore arrived at the country’s first licensed crypto exchange in the middle of a rapid, focused expansion with its main product, the Coins app, rolling out a major upgrade to streamline its focus on crypto. Coins is also expanding internationally. Jen shared that her background in finance and GameFi would contribute to the company’s expansion.

“The vision is to operate a global exchange with the headquarters in the Philippines,” Jen said, noting the brand’s regional aspirations.

“Filipinos are really one of the biggest adopters of web3, and for the longest time, we just consumers of technology,” Jen shared. “The Philippines will be the hub for crypto, and then we expand globally based on that strong position in the country. A Filipino company with regional reach is something that I’m very very excited about.”

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