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MetaMask Lead of Operations Joins BitDAO and Game7 DAO

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Jacob Cantele, self custodial walletMetaMask former Lead of Operations, announced he has transitioned to being Head of Product Strategy for BitDAO’s Windranger Labs and Head of Product for the Game7 DAO. Through this venture, he aims to utilize his knowledge of web3 growth to accelerate the adoption of the permissionless decentralized web.

With over a decade of experience, Cantele will be creating a team that functions as premier stewards for DAOs, and making BitDAO a place for web3 and crypto-native talent to flourish.

DAO stands for “decentralized autonomous organization” which are entities whose entire structure and rules are enforced by smart contracts.

Moreover, Cantele will also help create and refine new Autonomous Entities (AEs), by working with teams to create growth strategies and to build in web3 native ways. According to the media release, the AEs initiated by BitDAO include zkDAO, which is building out the ecosystem around zkSync, and EduDAO which is helping university students become builders in web3

On the other hand, regarding his role with Game7, he will be leading Product. Game7DAO is a DAO initiated by BitDAO and Forte to accelerate the adoption of sustainable, web3-native gaming.

“In terms of my previous role at MetaMask, I’ll be stepping into a strategic advisor position with MetaMask, and will be continuing to support the MetaMask team over the coming years.”

Jacob, BitDAO
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He noted that he will be continuing his contributions while expanding his input in new ways at MetaMask. Cantele noted that he will still support MetaMask’s growth not only in its gaming and DAO strategy but also in its overall growth and scaling. 

Previously, Cantele served and led product development at the world’s leading self-custodial wallet MetaMask where he developed growth and monetization strategies that helped fuel its success, surpassing over 30 million monthly active users. In the Philippines, the number of Metamask users reached 3.57 million, a 78.5% increase from the previously reported 2 million Philippine users last August 2021. (Read more: MetaMask Has 3.57 Million Users in the Philippines in 2021)

“In my role at MetaMask, I saw how gaming rapidly grew to the most popular use case within the wallet, and how game projects were bringing in more diverse communities from the Philippines, Vietnam, and Nigeria. These users came to play games, but rapidly discovered the decentralized web and defi, becoming empowered to leapfrog the legacy economic system that has excluded them. I believe gaming is the bridge through which the decentralized web can create a community-led internet and world economy,” he stated.

Apart from Metamask, Cantele also led Product for one of the earliest grant DAOs in the web3 ecosystem, the Panvala grant funding DAO. Panlava leveraged token incentives to fund open-source public goods. 

Further, he also served as Chief Technology Officer for Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions where he led growth with successful acquisitions.

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