UP Diliman, TUP, Mapua Among Qualified Teams to Compete in UNBLOKC Hackathon 2023

Explore the UNBLOKC Hackathon 2023, where 16 qualified teams compete with innovative ideas in web3 and blockchain.

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • Happening on July 29 to 30, 2023, The UNBLOKC Hackathon 2023 is set to feature 14 university teams, a team composed of professional developers, and a team that is a mix of both students and professional developers. 
  • Renowned universities such as Pangasinan State University, ICCT Colleges, and the University of the Philippines Diliman are among the participating institutions, showcasing the diversity of talent and ideas at the event.
  • The BLOKC, the organizer of the hackathon, aims to foster innovation and creativity by providing mentorship, collaboration opportunities, and a competitive platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts in the web3 and blockchain field.

After weeks of brainstorming, crafting, and workshops, both online and in person, 16 of the 21 teams registered have qualified and are set to present and compete for their innovative ideas for the first pitching session of the UNBLOCK Hackathon 2023, which will take place on June 6 at the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila, in Intramuros. 

Out of the 16 teams, 14 are from different local universities; one team is composed of professional developers, and one team is a mix of both students and professional developers. 

Participating Universities

The hackathon has garnered support from renowned institutions, including Pangasinan State University, ICCT Colleges, the University of the Philippines Diliman, STI Colleges, and De La Salle University, among others. 

“The hackathon is progressing remarkably well! We are thrilled by the level of engagement and participation from the teams and the web3/blockchain community. With 21 teams from 16 universities, there is an incredible diversity of talent and ideas on display,” The BLOKC shared. 

Aside from the institutions mentioned above, the technology incubator also shared that the other qualifiers are Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite, Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila, Technological University of the Philippines (TUP), Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila), Technological Institute of the Philippines, Mapúa University, and Adamson University. 

The UNBLOKC Hackathon 2023

The UNBLOKC Hackathon, “The Web3 Paradox: Navigating the Future,” organized by The BLOKC, aims at fostering innovation and creativity in the web3 and blockchain space through valuable mentorship, partnership collaborations, and a competitive platform, UNBLOKC provides aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality.

The flagship event commenced on May 5, 2023, at Tier One Entertainment HQ, where the teams participated in a series of mentorship sessions, both online and in person. The event will last for 14 weeks—8 of these were spent on on-site and online workshops with topics such as business readiness, tech and customer readiness, web2 to web3, mobile development, and business and funding readiness checkpoint.

The mentors for this hackathon are Ernestor “Boogie” Boydon of Cyber Optimus Phlippines, Mark Hugh Neri of The Blokc Group, Myrtle Anne Ramos of Block Tides, Francis Plaza of PayMongo, 335 Fund & A Force Ventures, Jay Fajardo of LaunchGarage Innovation Hub, Francis Simisim of Favcy Venture Build, Tracy Li of Blockdevs Asia and XC Labs, Abe Lozada of Plug and Play Asia, Genesis Dellosa of Future Tech Pros, Loreen Sablot of THE BLOKC Labs, Lance Pormalejo of Archipelago Labs, Jan Ralph Ebora of New Energy Nexus, Kristian Quirapas of Vulcanic Labs and Web3 Philippines, and Eli Rabadon of Good Game Society, DvCode Technologies Inc., GladiatorDex, and Ark of Dreams.

“It is quite impressive that some of the participants are not only familiar with the fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrency, but also have a deeper understanding of the underlying technology. The UNBLOCK 2023 Hackathon is an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from the best in the business,” Neri stressed. “In addition to technical mentorship, participants will also have the chance to attend sessions with successful people in their respective fields. This will give them the chance to learn about the non-technical aspects of building a startup company, such as marketing, sales, and finance.”

Only one winner out of the 16 qualified teams will take home the grand prize of ₱150,000. The second placer will receive ₱100,000, the third placer will have ₱30,000, and the 4th and 5th place winners will go home with ₱20,000 and ₱10,000, respectively. 

In addition to presenting their projects at the esteemed Okada Manila on July 29 and 30, the top five finalists will also have the valuable opportunity to exhibit their work to The BLOKC’s partners in acceleration and incubation. 

For Atty. Jay-r Ipac, a partner at DivinaLaw and also a BitPinas contributor, noted that hackathon events provide participants with valuable opportunities to not only showcase their ideas and entrepreneurial potential but also to network and gain the exposure necessary to propel them to the next level. 

What is The BLOKC?

The BLOKC serves as a technology and business incubator, specializing in nurturing highly skilled individuals educated in Web3 technologies. 

It caters to companies in the process of exploring or transitioning to Web3, providing them with a competitive, affordable, and well-suited workforce that enables businesses to optimize their resources, accelerate their growth, and enhance their flexibility, all without the burdensome and expensive process of hiring and establishing an in-house team.

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