Launches NFT DEX with 0% Protocol Fees

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Editing by Nathaniel Cajuday

  • NFT liquidity incentive protocol Collection is launching an NFT decentralized exchange on the Goerli network. 
  • The DEX will use automated market makers to allow users to buy and sell NFTs automatically based on any logic or strategy.. 
  • The DEX will also have 0% protocol fees in consideration to honor the royalties of the NFT creators and artists. 

Collection, a non-fungible token (NFT) liquidity incentive protocol, has launched an NFT decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Ethereum cross-client proof-of-authority testing network Goerli. The DEX is expected to enable the Collection users to pool NFTs based on token IDs, traits, or rarity.

Moreover, Collection revealed that its new platform will allow users to trade NFT via automated market makers (AMM), which will allow its users to target individual tokens, groups, or the whole collection.

“Free yourself from pooling only floor NFTs or manually managing your orderbooks on marketplaces,” the protocol tweeted.

In addition, the DEX will have 0% protocol fees for NFT traders that want to instantly buy and sell with the pools that are created, as the protocol also allows liquidity providers to honor royalties to NFT creators. Collection also stated that the pool creators will be in charge of determining the royalties for their pools. 

“’s new design solves a long overlooked challenge with liquidity pools excluding a large number of NFTs that trade at a premium to their collection floor… Combined with their incentive vaults product, there is now a holistic liquidity solution for both creators and collectors,” Chris Sirise, Partner at Saison Capital, stated.

Consequently, the protocol also highlighted that they will enable integration with other protocols via the liquidity provider token of each pool to ensure the overall ecosystem’s success. According to them, the liquidity provider (LP) token can be staked in liquidity incentive vaults within their platform or used as collateral in other protocols. 

According to its whitepaper, the NFT DEX code base is still undergoing an audit in preparation for its launch on the Ethereum mainnet, which is set for Q1 2023.

What is Collection?

The Collection is one of the main products of NFT infrastructure startup Gomu. It offers any individual with NFT and ETH tokens the ability to create a liquidity pool on NFT DEX Sudoswap and receive a tokenized representation of their ownership. 

“We believe that NFT DEX infrastructure is essential for the growth of the NFT industry in all market conditions… The unique features we’re introducing with our launch, with advanced pooling, incentive vaults, royalties set by liquidity providers, and no protocol fees, will be a game changer for the industry,” Spencer Yang, core contributor for and CEO of Gomu, concluded in a statement.

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