What is SNK ATK – Dagger Squad NFT Collection?

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Editing by Meghan Lim

With the growth of adaptation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), traditional businesses are entering the Metaverse and one of them is SNK ATK.

SNK ATK Design Lab, founded by Psalm Alfafara, a self-taught 3D designer, together with Dwight Santos, Kirby Gonzaga, Angel Alfafara, is a clothing line that specializes in techwears inspired by Japanese culture and the game Cyberpunk. SNK ATK recently had collaborations with mobile game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Filipino music artist, Alisson Shore. This shows that they are intently reaching out to different markets: gamers, music-lovers, and techwear enthusiasts. SNK ATK is venturing into the Metaverse with their Dagger Squad collection.

Their NFT collection is composed of Japanese Mech robot inspired characters: Mecha Samurai, Cyborg Ninja, Cyber Witch, Techno Mage, and Chrono Assassin. These collections will be available for 30 OGs that they will have for private sale. These OGs will have the privilege to wear virtual and tangible items from SNK ATK based on their NFT.

After the private minting, the Dagger Squad collection will release 888 more unique collectibles for public selling. Owners of these collectibles will have access to their secret shop. When sold out, they will release another batch of 888 collectibles and airdrop their Daggers to holders. Holders may have access to events and merchandise from SNK ATK in the future, as per their road map.

SNK ATK Design Lab – Dagger Squad is just one of the first Filipino lead projects coming from traditional businesses and this step of entering the Metaverse is revolutionary to marketing their brands.

Similar brand-based project is with TeamManila that ventured also into the NFT Space to onboard their clients into the Space. TeamManila is also featured by BitPinas in previous articles.

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