MetaverseGo Plans to Give Non-Crypto Gamers Access To NFT Games

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Decentralized blockchain platform MetaverseGo is a new startup that aims to provide, both newbie and seasoned players easy access to play-and-earn games, guild participation, non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection, and access to other web 3 applications. 

To make the metaverse readily available for non-crypto experts, the platform promises fast and easy access through only the user’s mobile number. The company noted that the number of Filipino mobile internet users reached over 80M this 2022 and a third of this dabbling into play-to-earn platforms.

Ash Mandhyan, Co-founder and CEO of MetaverseGo

“Right now, what we are creating is that gap from the advancement in technology to where human adoption is — we are creating that bridge to simplify to something they are currently familiar with and having a layer where we take care of the unfamiliar,” says Ash Mandhyan, Co-founder and CEO of MetaverseGo.

MetaverseGo is set to offer different ways to interact with the platform, from the user’s perspective. 

  • The user can track their holdings, send and receive digital assets, invest in NFT collections and play various NFT games. 
  • Web3 entrepreneurs can also use the platform as a way of reaching out to their stakeholders. 
  • Users can search for guilds and play games without the need for a hefty investment. 

Further, the MetaverseGo app also has a feature that shows players games or projects that have been rated as legitimate by the community to help address the issue of players running into scam projects.

Scholarships will also be available on the platform as it will help players connect to gaming guilds that can provide the “scholarship” needed to start playing NFT games. 

The project’s founder and CEO, Ash Mandhyan, a Filipino tech executive previously with Lazada, Facebook, and TikTok parent firm ByteDance, is armed with a strong background in digital retail for over 14 years.

In a press release, MetaverseGo credited the surge of the cryptocurrency market during the pandemic for its founding. 

Accordingly, they noted that MetaverseGo will serve NFT gaming projects that “found themselves lost without a platform and struggled to bring in the users needed to sustain themselves.”

Currently, MetaverseGo is now open for early access registration. Get a chance to win and own limited edition NFTs when you sign up. For more information, visit:

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