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Canva Introduces New AI Tools with Privacy Controls

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  • Canva has launched Magic Studio, a suite of AI tools that can be used by users to transform texts into designs, convert designs into other formats, and generate content based on user descriptions. 
  • The platform also presented Canva Shield, a set of safety, privacy, and security controls to prevent the AI tools from being “used to create unsafe or inappropriate content.”
  • Canva also announced the Content Compensation Program, where users can join this program, and their designs will be used to train Canva’s AI tools. They will be compensated for joining.

In line with its celebration of its 10th year as an online design and publishing platform, Canva announced the launch of Magic Studio, a new suite of AI-powered design tools on the platform. 

Alongside Magic Studio, Canva also presented Canva Shield, a set of safety, privacy, and security controls to prevent the AI tools from being “used to create unsafe or inappropriate content.” It is expected to allow enterprise customers to have full control over how the suite will be used on the team. 

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Canva’s New AI Design Tools

In a media release, the platform claimed that the new AI suite will be “the world’s most comprehensive AI-design platform,” as the new AI-powered design tools inside it can help automate “labor-intensive” tasks, such as rush editing and converting a design into other formats.

“Regardless of previous design experience, Magic Studio aims to make content creation more accessible to everyone,” Canva emphasized. 

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As of this writing the suite is available to Canva Pro and Enterprise subscribers. 

The AI-powered design tools inside ‌Magic Studio include: 

Magic Switch

Magic Switch allows Canva users to convert their designs into other formats, like video, audio, or animation. For instance, a blog can be transformed into a social media post or a PowerPoint presentation into an animation. 

Aside from this, Canva also explained that Magic Switch can be used for copywriting and translations, as it knows over 100 languages:

“It’s a nifty way to generate multichannel campaigns from a single design and save designers time that’s better spent focusing on more demanding tasks.”

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Magic Media and Magic Write

Magic Media allows Canva users to generate images or videos from text prompts. The same way, ‌Magic Write allows users to generate text content from a brand or certain topic. 

According to Canva, this feature is powered by Runway, an AI research company that seeks to “democratize” the use of AI in creative stuff. This allows the feature able to generate short videos from text prompts or an existing design. 

“Dream it up, then add it to your design. Watch your words transform into beautiful images and videos with Magic Media. You’ll stand out with visual content that perfectly fits your project,” the website read. 

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Magic Design

Magic Design allows Canva users to generate designs from uploaded media. Basically, the user would just need to upload the media that wanted to be used or be the subject of the design, supply the target content, and then choose from the eight generated templates. Once the template has been chosen, the user can further edit and resize it. 

“Magic Design builds on the millions of templates, images, fonts, and other graphic elements on our marketplace and uses AI to craft designs to help your ideas come to life,” the description stated. 

Canva’s Content Compensation Program

As the new suite contains generative AI design tools, Canva also confirmed that it has allotted a budget of $200 million, which will be used to pay the users who will give their consent to use their designs in training the AI tools during the Creator Compensation Program. Generative AI tools are those that generate new forms of creative content from the data they have learned from. 

According to Canva’s Co-Founder Cameron Adams, users who will join the platform’s programs will receive an initial bonus, while the monthly payments will be “determined by a range of factors such as the level of contribution to our content library [and] the number of times it has been used.”

Adams also admitted that the newly launched Magic Studio has not undergone data training so far, but the company is already updating its contributor agreement to explain how the data of those who will join the program will be used and that it’s “offering an opt-out option upfront.”

“A decade ago, Canva set out to empower the world to design by simplifying a complex and fragmented design ecosystem. As we go into the next decade of our journey, we’re incredibly excited to be taking a massive leap forward with the launch of Magic Studio, the first all-in-one suite of design AI tools created to supercharge the way teams create and scale visual content,” said Canva CEO Melanie Perkins.

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