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ChatGPT Can Now Browse Internet for Updated Answer

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ChatGPT is no longer limited to data before September 2021, as it can now browse the internet to provide its users with “current and authoritative” information through the relaunch of its “Browse with Bing” feature, developer OpenAI announced. 

Browse with Bing: A Once Disabled Feature

In July, Open AI ‌disabled the beta mode of “Browse with Bing” feature. It is because it was occasionally displaying content in ways that OpenAI did not want. 

For example, if a user specifically asked for the full text of a URL that requires a subscription fee, ChatGPT would respond with the complete text, bypassing paywalls, and privacy settings, which could have copyright and privacy implications.

Some users expressed their dismay at this move, but some also supported disabling this feature was expected to protect the privacy and rights of content creators and publishers, and that OpenAI assured that it would go back sooner.

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Browse with Bing Feature: The Comeback

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Now that this feature is back, OpenAI claimed that the Browse with Bing feature has been fixed from its past issues after receiving “useful feedback.” 

“Browsing is particularly useful for tasks that require up-to-date information, such as helping you with technical research, trying to choose a bike, or planning a vacation. Updates include following robots.txt and identifying user agents so sites can control how ChatGPT interacts with them,” the developer stressed. 

The relaunched version also includes direct links to sources where the chatbot got its answers. This functionality is similar to Microsoft’s own GPT-powered chatbot, Bing Chat. 

How to Use This Feature?

The Browse with Bing feature is a plugin that allows ChatGPT to access the internet and provide more accurate and up-to-date answers to prompts. It technically uses the Bing Search API to find relevant information from the web and display it to the user along with the sources.

Basically, when a user asks the chatbot a question that requires recent information, ChatGPT uses this feature to search Bing for the answer to the question. ChatGPT then returns the most relevant information from Bing to the user.

For the relaunch, Plus and Enterprise users can access the feature. Users can choose the “Browse with Bing” button in the selector under GPT-4. The OpenAI promised that it will soon be available even for the Free version, which uses the GPT-3.5

Meanwhile, for mobile app users, the feature can be enabled by going to Settings. Just choose the “New Features” button and select “Browsing.” 

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