NFT Game Crypto Unicorns Migrates Layer-3 Blockchain XAI

Crypto Unicorns announces a chain migration to layer-3 blockchain XAI for faster, secure, and fee-free transactions.

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  • Crypto Unicorns has announced a chain migration to the layer-3 blockchain XAI.
  • The decision was noted to be based on XAI’s scalability, fast transactions, and commitment to providing a smooth onramp for players, aligning with Crypto Unicorns’ goal of minimizing friction with blockchain technology.
  • The game highlighted that XAI offers economical gas fees, and the partnership ensures that all transactions related to Crypto Unicorns will be free.

On January 19th, the non-fungible token (NFT) game Crypto Unicorns announced that it will have a chain migration transferring from Polygon to layer-3 blockchain XAI. The game stated that all assets and gameplay logic will be moved over to the new network which will feature quick, secure, and cheap transactions.

Chain Migration

According to Crypto Unicorns, it chose the blockchain for its “outstanding scalability with exceptionally fast transactions.” It also noted that while gas fees are already economical on XAI, this partnership ensures that all transactions related to Crypto Unicorns will be completely free.

The game developers also stated that choosing XAI for Crypto Unicorns was a straightforward decision due to the project’s intricate real economy in the crypto space. They cited XAI’s dedication to providing a smooth onramp for players aligns seamlessly to minimize friction with blockchain technology, a crucial step towards achieving mass adoption.

“Not to mention their widely successful node sale. On XAI, anyone can operate a node which allows them to receive network rewards and participate in governance,” the game’s X account posted

Accordingly, Crypto Unicorns disclosed that it is actively managing one of the decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC) committee nodes and is set to collaborate closely with XAI and Arbitrum teams in efforts to expand and scale the network. 

What is Crypto Unicorns?

Developed by Laguna Games, Crypto Unicorns, launched in May 2022, is a blockchain-based game that offers players an engaging play-to-earn experience. Until the migration, the game is on the Polygon blockchain. 

The game allows players to participate in activities such as breeding, crafting, and farming on their lands, aiming to foster a fun environment to enjoy with friends while earning tokens. 

To commence gameplay and unlock rewards, players need at least one Land NFT and one Unicorn NFT. The game operates on two tokens, Rainbow token (RBW) and UNIM. In addition, Crypto Unicorns have various game modes, including farming simulation, digital pet crafting, and tournaments where players can compete with their Unicorns for rewards.

In February 2023, Andrew Campbell, previously the Program Lead for Esports & Content Creators at Axie Infinity, assumed the role of Product and Market Growth Lead at Crypto Unicorns. 

Last June, the game introduced Unicorn Party, a multiplayer player-vs-player Battle Royale game series. 

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What is XAI Network?

XAI Network is a blockchain platform tailored for AAA gaming, operating as the first layer-3 blockchain designed to simplify the integration of blockchain technology into gaming ecosystems. 

It leverages Arbitrum Technology for optimal speed and minimal costs, XAI focuses on onboarding traditional gamers into web3 gaming seamlessly. It enables users to engage in open trade and trade in-game items without the need for direct interaction with crypto wallets.

The blockchain utilizes two tokens, XAI and esXAI, to facilitate the game ecosystem. XAI serves as the native gas token, and users can exchange it for esXAI, which can be staked for various utilities such as the Yield Account, Culture Account, and Governance Account. The esXAI token is utilized for purchasing in-game items and can be earned through active gameplay.

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