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With an NFT Passport, You Can Be a Citizen of This Bitcoin-Native “Nation”

With an NFT Passport, You Can Be a Citizen of This Bitcoin-Native Nation (1)
  • Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper announced the launch of Draper Nation, a Bitcoin-native digital society centered on decentralized governance.
  • Draper’s vision involves a community-led, Bitcoin-oriented society with virtualized government functions. Plans include physical cities embracing Bitcoin by 2030.
  • Supported by entities like Draper Associates and Draper Startup House, it is also expected to offer a collaborative network to entrepreneurs and investors.

Claiming to create a “free from bureaucracy and decisions are made through decentralized processes by citizens,” known American venture capital investor Tim Draper has introduced Draper Nation, a Bitcoin-native digital nation that offers benefits through non-fungible token (NFT) passports. 

Draper Nation’s Story: Aiming for Decentralized Governance

In a statement, Draper noted that the new digital nation is guided by the vision of creating a community-led, Bitcoin-native society from the ground up. 

“The internet has already revolutionized many industries. What is a government if not a collection of insurance policies? About 80 percent of the government functions as a form of insurance. With a Bitcoin economy, all of this could become virtual,” the venture capital investor emphasized

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Draper started his Bitcoin journey when he acquired 29,656 BTC from a U.S. Marshals auction in July 2014, after they were seized from the Silk Road website. 

After this, the community started to recognize him for being an advocate for Bitcoin and decentralization. In fact, Draper is said to be a top investor in over 50 crypto-focused companies, including Coinbase, Ledger, Tezos, and Bancor. 

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He also founded 30 Draper venture funds, Draper University, Bizworld, and two statewide initiatives, and is the partner and mentor of Draper Startup House, a co-working ecosystem aiding entrepreneurs. Its Manila branch hosts the monthly crypto community meetup Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories.

“Draper Startup House is thrilled to pioneer a digital frontier in global governance, spearheading the innovation of a novel network state with Bitcoin at its transactional core,” Vikram Bharati, the founder of Draper Startup House, commented.

Among Draper’s accolades is being named “Entrepreneur of the World” by the World Entrepreneurship Forum and being listed in Worth Magazine’s top 100 most powerful people in finance.

Draper Nation’s Future Plans: Be Part of this Bitcoin-Native Country

According to Draper, Draper Nation’s goal is to reach its vision by 2030 and be a “decentralized powerhouse” with physical cities where its citizens can invest, own property, and pay taxes—all using Bitcoin.

“Draper Nation is the ultimate online ‘Coordi-Nation.’ After you mint your NFT passport, your citizenship gives you access to participate in initiatives to earn rewards and grow with us,” the press release read. 

Currently, the waitlist is open for those interested in becoming pioneer citizens. Interested users can visit the Draper Nation website to register simply by providing their email addresses. The contributors in this first season will have a hand in shaping the direction of the nation and will experience its growth firsthand, the platform assured.

Consequently, Draper Nation highlighted that it will also serve as a network for entrepreneurs and investors, providing avenues for collaborative advancement and exclusive benefits, as it is expected to be backed by the Draper Network, an alliance encompassing institutions like Draper University, an educational institution that claimed to help develop more than 750 startups.

“Draper Nation offers a new realm of opportunities for collective growth and privileges, supported in the initial bootstrapping phases by the Draper Network,” the platform stressed. “With the backing of the Draper Network, the new citizens of Draper Nation will have access to unparalleled resources and mentorship, scholarships to Draper University in Silicon Valley, lectures from leaders of top companies in the Draper Associates portfolio, demo days, online accelerator programs, exclusive events, and other perks which will be made exclusively available to Draper Nation citizens each season.”

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