PuffGo to Debut on Ronin Blockchain Following Puffverse’s $3M Funding Round

Its partnership with Sky Mavis is set to expand Puffverse’s portfolio.

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Puffverse, a dynamic 3D web3 gaming universe, has secured a $3 million funding round. Its flagship title, “PuffGo,” is set to launch on the Ronin blockchain.

Puffverse on Ronin 

Recently, Puffverse announced a partnership with Sky Mavis to transfer its entire portfolio to the EVM-compatible Ronin blockchain, starting with its flagship party game, PuffGo.

On April 29, all Puff non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the BNB Chain will be captured in a snapshot, followed by a migration and airdrop directly to corresponding addresses on Ronin.

Later this year, Puffverse plans to introduce its ecosystem token and an exclusive NFT collection on Ronin.

Welcome to Puffverse | Metaverse | Web3

About PuffGo

PuffGo, a multiplayer royale party game, combines skill-based play with earning opportunities for players. It features diverse level themes and gameplay modes for both solo and multiplayer matchups. The game also includes user-generated content (UGC) features, allowing players to create their own game maps and laying the groundwork for personalized metaverses in the future.

Additionally, an upcoming artificial intelligence-generated content (AIGC) feature will enable users to command AI tools via text to design maps, levels, gameplay, and even entire metaverses.

“Moving Puffverse to the Ronin blockchain was a strategic decision rooted in our commitment to making our 3D universe more accessible to both web2 and web3 users. Our Puff characters’ compatibility with the beloved Axie community makes this migration a natural fit.”

Lya L., Co-Founder and COO, Puffverse

Puffverse anticipates significant growth with Ronin’s robust support in marketing, operations, and user acquisition.

“Party games, with their quick gameplay loops and dynamic social features could be a very good fit for elevation via web3 mechanics. The Puffverse team also understands the East Asia and China market, which we believe is ripe for Ronin to expand into.” 

Trung Nguyen, CEO and Co-Founder, Sky Mavis

Secured Funding Round

Photo for the Article - PuffGo to Debut on Ronin Blockchain Following Puffverse's $3M Funding Round

Animoca Brands led the funding round, joined by Sky Mavis, Arcane Group, Spartan Group, Foresight Ventures, HashKey Capital, and Xu Family Office.

The raised capital will support the continued development of PuffGo and the creation of a cloud gaming platform. This platform will enable NFT projects to build customized metaverses using the company’s engine without requiring coding skills.

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, praised Puffverse’s achievements, including the launch of Puff Football NFTs and IGO Points in PuffGo.

“The Ronin chain is emerging as one of the premier chains for gaming and is a good choice to take Puffverse to the next level. In addition to its IP, we are also enthusiastic about Puffverse’s vision of a cloud computing platform, which we believe could enhance immersive and interconnected gaming experiences in the open metaverse.”

Yat Siu, Executive Chairman, Animoca Brands


Puffverse merges web2 and web3 gaming, featuring characters like Patty the Dinosaur and Claude the Cloud as NFTs. Players collect these characters for personalized gameplay and ecosystem-wide use, including earning, simulation, and gaming experiences.

Other offerings within the Puffverse portfolio include PuffTown, a web3 control panel; PuffLand, a user-generated content platform for game creation without technical expertise; and PuffWorld, a user-generated content platform for crafting 3D metaverses with a decentralized ID system and SocialFi integration. The portfolio also includes MMORPGs, cloud gaming, and more.

Recent Ronin Game Updates

Recently, it was announced that in Q3 2024, Ronin will host the launch of Ragnarok: Monster World, a collaboration between Ronin and the popular Ragnarok Online universe. Ragnarok: Monster World is a tower defense game featuring Ragmons from the Ragnarok universe, offering Ragmon collection, training, and PvP battles for rewards. PvE and GvG features are planned for future updates.

Moreover, PixelPals Season Zero is concluding on April 29 with a prize pool exceeding $193,945 (₱11.1 million). It’s anticipated to surpass $200,000 by season’s end. The Philippines ranks third globally in PixelPals players, following the U.S. and Vietnam. The game involves managing pets and habitats, leading to MON token rewards.

Last April 23, The Machines Arena entered open beta and is now available on Android. The launch introduces cross-platform play, Familiars, and improved mechanics. Players can download it for free from the Epic Games Store or the game’s website. 

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