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Zoids Wild Arena Migrates to Ronin Blockchain of Axie Infinity Developers

Zoids Wild Arena Migrates to Ronin Blockchain
  • Sky Mavis partners with ACT Games to migrate their portfolio to the Ronin blockchain, starting with Zoids Wild Arena, a blockchain trading card game.
  • Players migrating to a Ronin wallet can earn rewards like ZOIDS NFTs and tokens. 
  • Zoids Wild Arena is currently in beta, with an official global launch scheduled for November 8, 2023, excluding Japan, China, and Korea.

Sky Mavis, the developer of the popular Web3 game Axie Infinity, recently announced a partnership with Korean studio ACT Games. Through this collaboration, ACT Games’ portfolio will be transferred to the Ronin platform, starting with blockchain trading card game Zoids Wild Arena.

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Sky Mavis x ACT Games

Following the move of Zoids Wild Arena, players who migrate to a Ronin wallet will be eligible for rewards including ZOIDS non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and a token airdrop. Ronin is Sky Mavis’ EVM blockchain for gaming. 

Moreover, Zoids Wild Arena players can register and play at starting today to claim rewards, with the official migration scheduled for November 8, 2023.

In a statement, Sky Mavis CEO and Co-founder Trung Nguyen affirmed that ACT Games has a proven track record of success in expanding iconic IPs, transcending demographics, and enhancing player engagement.

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“This alliance will allow us to combine our web3 learnings and expertise with nostalgic IP backed by a pre-existing core fanbase,” he stated.

Viggo Chung, Business Development Lead at ACT Games, stated that the studio is fundamentally dedicated to delivering enjoyable and engaging games. He went on to say that they see blockchain not only as technological tools, but as transformative layers that improve gaming experiences.

“Our collaboration with Sky Mavis isn’t just about migration; it’s a deep-rooted partnership that blends their Web3 expertise with our specialization for crafting standalone IP-based titles. We’re thrilled to deliver fresh and unique content experiences to the Axie Infinity community,” he added.

Photo for the Article - Zoids Wild Arena Migrates to Ronin Blockchain of Axie Infinity Developers

What is ACT Games?

ACT Games is a studio that builds game ecosystems for media franchises and intellectual properties such as Hello Kitty and Ruler of the Land, bringing them to life as on-chain digital experiences, starting with ZOIDS.

The studio already had success with four IP games since 2019, amassing over $6.4 million in net sales and 3 million+ downloads. It also formed partnerships with prominent Japanese IPs such as Aggretsuko, and Bubble Bobble. 

In 2024, ACT Games plans to introduce new casual games featuring Hello Kitty and Friends, exploring a different gaming genre.

What is Zoids Wild Arena?

Zoids Wild Arena is a blockchain trading card game inspired by the acclaimed ZOIDS anime series from TOMY Company, Ltd., marking its 40th anniversary in 2023. 

The game allows players to battle, trade, and collect cards featuring mecha robots designed after dinosaurs and animals. It is currently in beta but will have a global launch, excluding Japan, China, and Korea. 

The ZOIDS franchise, first introduced in 1983, is a pioneer in Japanese media, featuring figures that move realistically thanks to built-in motors. ZOIDS WILD, launched in 2018, is the latest iteration in the series.

Latest Sky Mavis News

In September, the open-world MMORPG game Pixels also migrated to Ronin. The transition enabled the game to take advantage of lower gas fees, go-to-market and advisory support from the developer’s team members, and the use of Mavis Hub, Ronin’s distribution platform for web3 games.

In July, Sky Mavis partnered with CyberKongz, an Ethereum-based NFT project, to launch the Genkai collection on Ronin’s NFT marketplace. The Genkai collection, inspired by anime art, consisted of 20,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with 4,000 minted on the Ronin blockchain and 16,000 on the Ethereum mainnet.

Moreover, Sky Mavis also launched Mavis Market, an NFT marketplace, last May. Users can now buy, sell, and showcase NFTs on the platform, which is powered by Ronin. Prior to this, in late 2022, the developer launched the alpha build of Axie Infinity: Homeland for all owners of its Land NFTs.  

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