Ethereum Conference Devcon 2024 Set in Southeast Asia

Ethereum Foundation aimed to make Devcon a more regionally inclusive event.

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To connect with the vibrant Ethereum community in Southeast Asia, Devcon 7, now called Devcon Southeast Asia is set to take place in Bangkok on November 12-15, 2024.

Devcon Southeast Asia

Devcon Southeast Asia aims to embrace the entire Southeast Asia to cater the growing Ethereum community in the region.

“We’re now set to make Devcon 7 a more inclusive and regionally focused event, and to reflect this vision, we’ll call it “Devcon Southeast Asia”, instead of referring to the name of the host-city,” the announcement wrote.

According to the Ethereum Foundation, the decision to schedule the event early was made to allow for increased engagement with local communities and to emphasize a more inclusive and regionally focused approach. 

Furthermore, the foundation emphasized that SEA, which includes countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, plays a pivotal role in the global Ethereum landscape, with significant cryptocurrency adoption.

Road to Devcon in PH

Before the actual event, in order to support the region’s community, Ethereum Foundation initiated the Road To Devcon (RTD) Grants round to encourage projects, grassroots communities, and educational endeavors in Southeast Asia.

In December, Luis Buenaventura, Head of GCash’s cryptocurrency arm GCrypto, announced that he worked with ETH63, a community for Ethereum enthusiasts in the Philippines, as they received support from RTD for their Ethereum-focused events.

“We’re FINALLY going to get a real Ethereum Foundation-supported meetup in Manila,” he wrote

In the shared post, ETH63 shared:

“We are happy to announce that ETH63 is awarded support by Devcon as part of the RTD Grants Round. Stay tuned for the first of many events that we’re cooking for the Ethereum community in the Philippines!”


What is Devcon?

The Ethereum Developer Conference (Devcon) is an annual event that convenes developers, researchers, and enthusiasts from the Ethereum community.  Devcon

serves as a forum for discussions, presentations, and workshops on Ethereum

technology, development, and its ecosystem.

The conference typically covers a broad range of topics, including smart contract development, decentralized applications (DApps), Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), blockchain scalability, security, and more. It provides a space for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among participants.

Devcon is a key event in the Ethereum ecosystem that fosters growth and development by bringing together stakeholders and contributors. The event features keynote speakers, technical sessions, and showcases the latest advancements in Ethereum technology.

Devcon Previous Locations

The location of the conference varies each year to reflect the global nature of the Ethereum community.

  • Devcon 0: Berlin, Germany (2014)
  • Devcon 1: London, United Kingdom (2015)
  • Devcon 2: Shanghai, China (2016)
  • Devcon 3: Cancun, Mexico (2017)
  • Devcon 4: Prague, Czech Republic (2018)
  • Devcon 5: Osaka, Japan (2019)
  • Devcon 6: Bogotá, Colombia (2021)

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