Kids Unleash the KRAKEN: Proposed Idea for 5G-backed Wearables for Real-time Play

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By Shiela Bertillo

Team Vortex Runners, a group of five 12-13 year-olds, among the top 30 best teams, besting over 200 others, to Globe Telecom and De La Salle University’s (DLSU) Animo Labs’ 5G Hackathon, will have a chance to publicly present their 5G innovation. This group envisioned an innovative wearable device that young people deprived of physical interactions can use to play with one another in real-time, even if they are miles apart.

Through Globe’s 5G and by combining sensors and wearable technology with Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile games, and Cloud, the young technopreneurs have come up with KRAKEN or The Kids Routine App for Kinetic Energy.

The young technopreneurs behind this innovation include Grant Wong, 12, Marketing Executive; Mona Obedoza, 12, Project Manager; Aleana Beato, 13, Hardware Designer; Sire Garcia, 13, Hardware Designer; and Owen Gocheco, 12, Software Engineer. 

“We believe that parents and schools will see the value in KRAKEN as it gives students a way to interact and play together without being in the same location. This would give them the chance to safely experience real-time play or physical education classes, and extracurricular activities, even during social distancing and quarantine,” the team said.

The proposal is for KRAKEN to take the form of smartwatches fitted with gyro sensors and accelerometers that are calibrated to work well with the KRAKEN app.  As the device uses sensors to track a person’s movement, players can wear it while they work, do household chores, and exercise, among other activities. 

With the physical restrictions due to the pandemic, learners have to stay at home and therefore cannot engage in physical activities, studies show that 92% of Filipino youth are not able to get enough exercise daily. Through KRAKEN, children could be encouraged to have an active lifestyle. Moreover, KRAKEN may even be enhanced to help with therapy and rehabilitation.

“With the power of 5G, we can bring the thrill of face-to-face playing experiences straight to the palm of your hand, allowing you to exercise and play with your friends, anytime, anywhere,” the team stated.

Globe’s 5G opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for KRAKEN to become a reality; as  5G can offer crystal-clear graphics and immersive AR and a swift real-time playing experience that accommodates multiple players.

They added, “By pairing KRAKEN with Globe 5G, we plan to offer an experience like no other — a way to exercise and play that is immersive, interactive, mobile, low cost, and inclusive.”

5G is the latest breakthrough in wireless technology and is 10 to 100 times faster than the current 4G network. It is also a universal platform that makes other innovations possible such as Virtual Reality (VR), AR, Edge Computing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“We are happy and excited to see children taking an interest in 5G and coming out with ideas that address the challenges that we are currently experiencing. Globe will continue to work together with young, passion-driven individuals and groups in advancing 5G technology solutions so that together we can help solve the country’s societal, industrial, and environmental problems,” Globe Vice President for Postpaid and International Coco Domingo said. 

Vortex Runners were invited to be special presenters in the 5G demo day on September 21, where the Hackathon top 10 will present their final pitch and prototypes.

The top three winners will receive a cash pool worth half a million pesos, get a chance to turn their ideas into a business venture under 917Ventures, the corporate venture builder arm of Globe, and have the opportunity to work directly with Globe’s 5G Acceleration Lab.

To know more about the business ideas and prototypes from the Top 10 teams, Globe 5G Hackathon’s Demo Day will be aired publicly on Globe’s official Facebook and Twitter pages. Also visit Globe, or follow the results through the 5G Hackathon website.

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