ICP Meetup: BUIDL Camp Conducted in Davao

The BUIDL Camp workshops provided participants with hands-on experience in ideation, project development, and mentor-guided sessions.

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On November 18th, the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) hosted the ICP Meetup | BUIDL Camp in Davao, which brought together blockchain experts, academic professionals, and technology enthusiasts. The event, held at Bajada Suites, sought to ignite interest in the Internet Computer revolution in the region.


As per the media release, the event was done in collaboration with the Davao DeFi Community, Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX), and various partners, including Bitskwela, NFT Davao, Devcon Davao, and Qitmeer Network. 

The camp featured a diverse agenda divided into two sessions. The first session included morning activities such as a welcome address by Department of Trade and Industries (DTI) Assistant Regional Director Romeo Castanega and DDC Founder Ruben Lacumba, and educational sessions on the understanding of ICP, blockchain basics, and non-fungible token (NFT) onboarding. The discussions were sparked by a surprise student panel, and the day continued with insightful panels on navigating the web3 horizon and the next wave of Philippine tech innovation. 

The second session, starting in the afternoon, initiated the ICP BUIDL Camp with university students participating in hands-on workshops covering Internet Computer Protocol, developer environment setup, identity authentication, deployment cycles, and more. 

The day concluded with closing remarks by DDC Co-Founder Rod Albores, fostering networking opportunities, and reminders for upcoming activities and awards.

Photo for the Article - ICP Meetup: BUIDL Camp Conducted in Davao

Panel Discussions

Two panel discussions were held during the camp, in which experts explored the complex dynamics of web3 communities in Davao and the growing wave of tech innovation in the Philippines.

In the opening panel, Francis Albores, CEO of Alreno IT Solutions, Vince Jebryl Montero, a Technician Professor, and Ken Berry, CEO and Founder of the Philippines’ largest Web3 marketing entity, discussed the nuanced challenges and promising opportunities influencing the adoption of web3 technologies in Davao. The discussions provided valuable insights into the obstacles businesses and individuals encounter in the digital landscape, offering practical strategies to navigate these intricacies.

Consequently, the second panel showcased a distinctive viewpoint, enhancing the exploration of the current technological landscape in the Philippines from academic thought leaders and tech experts; Alexis Erich Almocera, a Ph.D. Associate Professor from University of the Philippines (UP) Mindanao, Liam James Mendoza, the Co-Founder of DICE, Engr. Jose Ricardo Catane, MSC, an Associate Professor from UP Mindanao, and Kenneth Berey, the former founder of Blockchain Network Philippines.

“The discussions concluded with a vision for potential collaborations between the private sector, government, and academia, emphasizing the importance of cohesive efforts to foster innovation. Stakeholders from different sectors coming together pave the way for groundbreaking collaborations, heralding a new era of Philippine tech innovation,” ICP wrote. 

Photo for the Article - ICP Meetup: BUIDL Camp Conducted in Davao


The BUIDL Camp workshops provided participants with hands-on experience in ideation, project development, and mentor-guided sessions. Eliezer Rabadon, Technical Lead of ICP Hub Philippines, led the hackathon workshop, which provided essential insights and practical knowledge in a dynamic learning environment.

Over 10 teams, comprising nearly 100 developers, engaged in the afternoon to evening hackathon sessions, all of whom were students from various universities. 

As per the press release, ICP noted that the BUIDL Camp, set for display this month, offered participants practical experience, providing them with knowledge, skills, and connections for their involvement in the Internet Computer revolution.

Recent ICP Meetups

In September, ICP held the “ICP Meetup: Bridging Web2 and Web3 for Philippine Innovation” event during the Philippine Blockchain Week at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Pasay City, which aimed to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. 

The event catered to a diverse audience, including developers, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and those interested in the future of Web3. Local Web3 entities presented their platforms, emphasizing the benefits of their applications for Web2 users. Additionally, two panel discussions delved into the future of the Web3 industry and explored investment opportunities in this evolving technological landscape.

In August, ICP Manila hosted the BUILDING BLOKCS event. It is a community meetup focused on exploring the practical applications of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) across various industries. The event was targeted at developers, builders, blockchain enthusiasts, aspiring developers, and decision-makers interested in alternative blockchain protocols. Attendees were allowed to assess ICP’s capabilities in solving real-world problems.

In April, the inaugural “Building on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) Blockchain: A Hands-on Workshop for Bicolano Developers” took place in Daraga, Albay. The workshop, organized through a collaboration between ICP Manila and Bicol-based SparkLearn EdTech, aimed to provide Bicolano developers with insights into blockchain technology and guide them in building decentralized applications (dapps). 

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