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Stanible Mid-Year 2023: Highlights and Outlook

Mid Year Recap - Harry Santos - Stanible

As 2023 reaches its midpoint, we pause to reflect on the eventful developments within #CryptoPH. The industry, rebounding stronger from 2022 and witnessing a fading bear market, has had a dynamic first half.

Today, we bring you an exclusive mid-year review from Philippine web3 and digital collectibles app — Stanible. Through Harry Santos, Co-Founder of Stanible, the company shared insightful details about their significant wins, challenges, and future plans. 

Stanible Mid-Year Review: Key Wins in 2023

What key partnerships, product launches, or strategic decisions would you consider as your organization’s significant wins in the first half of 2023? 

Partnering with musical events our Chicosci Summer Party and Kamikazee’s Roadkill to deliver the country’s first and biggest NFT-gated concerts is one of the strongest drivers of our growth.

Now that we’ve done that, we want to expand into other genres and continue developing our product to serve the needs of our creators when creating fan experiences that are unlocked by NFTs.

Addressing Challenges: Stanible Adaptive Strategies

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What were the primary challenges your organization faced during the first half of 2023, and how did you address them?

We are currently still raising our pre-seed round and as most of you will know, fundraising during this economic climate is very challenging, perhaps especially for crypto/web3-leaning projects like ours because of all the scandals that happened as well (eg. Luna, FTX, etc.).

Improvements and Metrics: Comparing 2023 with Previous Years

Is there a specific metric that has significantly improved in the first half of 2023 compared to the previous year?

Despite having only launched in February, we now have over 22,000 downloads and we are already generating revenue.

Future Trends and Technologies: Stanible Future Outlook

Which emerging trends or technologies in the crypto space are you most excited about or planning to incorporate into your future strategies and why?

NFT-gated experiences and real-world utilities is something that we really want to focus on, and we believe this will help drive value to our users and to the entire crypto/web3 space as a whole.

Goals and Plans for the Second Half of 2023

What are your company’s primary goals and plans for the second half of 2023?

So we already have the proof of concept in NFT-gated rock concerts, meet and greets with celebrities/comedians, and other fan experiences. It’s now a matter of thinking bigger and delivering the same executions to other genres and fandoms that we have not yet tapped.

In August, for example, we have an upcoming KPop night with Once HQ, the fans club of KPop group Twice in the Philippines. We are also in talks with hip-hop and P-pop groups so we can help other fandoms take advantage of NFT technology.

On a product level, our goal is to create new features that unlock more fan-experiences such as gated content, in-app broadcast channels and chat groups with fan communities, and many others.

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