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Digital Pilipinas Conference Unites Sustainabilitytech Leaders

Digital Pilipinas Conference Unites Sustainabilitytech Leaders (1)
  • Digital Pilipinas and Transnational Diversified Group (TDG) hosted the “SustainabilityTech for Collaborative Systems Transformation” conference to explore the role of SustainabilityTech in shaping a sustainable future.
  • The event brought together industry leaders and stakeholders to discuss how SustainabilityTech pillars can propel the nation forward.
  • The conference featured two panel discussions on sustainability and technology, as well as solving ESG issues with technology, moderated by industry experts.

To discuss the pivotal role of sustainabilitytech in shaping a more sustainable future, Digital Pilipinas and Transnational Diversified Group (TDG) hosted the half-day conference “SustainabilityTech for Collaborative Systems Transformation” which brought together sector leaders and key stakeholders to share their knowledge and expertise on how the SustainabilityTech can propel the nation forward.

SustainabilityTech Conference

In a media release, Digital Pilipinas shared that the attendees of the conference engaged in discussions and collaborations that are essential to laying the foundation for a sustainable Digital Philippines guided by Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

The firm noted that the conference convened industry leaders and key stakeholders to share their knowledge and expertise in the fields of technology, innovation, and sustainability. They discussed how the four pillars of SustainabilityTech—Sustainable Finance, Agriculture/Food Security, Climate Tech, and Supply Chain/Logistics Tech—can further push the country forward.

The conference had two panel discussions on sustainability. The first panel discussion, which focused on sustainability and technology, was moderated by Chenny Galano, President of TRAIL. The panelists were Delgado, Jimbo Reverente, Chief Innovation Officer of TRAIL; Roderick de Castro, Environmental, Social, and Governance Head of TDG; and Sarah Bergado, Sustainability Head of Manila Water.

The second panel discussion, which was moderated by De Castro, focused on solving ESG issues with technology. The panelists were Simon Howett, CEO of Karzo; Martin Penaflor, CEO and Co-Founder of Tangere; Josef Amarra, Co-Founder of Mayani; and Arlene Martinez, Founding Partner of ACSB Philippines.

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Apart from TDG, the event was also co-presented by Kai Farms and In.Hub, and in collaboration with Ideas Asia Pacific and The Rizal Academy of Innovation and Leadership (TRAIL).

In a statement, Digital Pilipinas highlighted that supporting technology and innovation initiatives can help the Philippines become a more sustainable and technologically-driven nation. It noted that technology can be used to improve environmental sustainability, social equity, and economic viability. 

Consequently, the conference served as a precursor to the Green Unconference, scheduled for November 21-24, 2023, during the Digital Pilipinas Festival x Philippine Fintech Festival Year 2 at SMX Aura and various locations across the country. The first Green Unconference, held in 2015 and organized by Kai Farms and TDG, focused on environmental topics and featured fifteen speakers while the upcoming Green Unconference, championed by TDG in collaboration with Digital Pilipinas, will dive deeper into sustainabilitytech discussions.

Leaders on SustainabilityTech

“We are continuing to move forward in this space, and there is a lot that can be done. We look forward to working with more partners and receiving as much support as we can get in this important area for the country,”Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner Kelvin Lee, which Digital Pilipinas called as one of the country’s sustainability champions, underscored the Philippines as the leader in sustainable finance in the ASEAN region.

“The reason we’re pushing sustainable financing is because we are aware that it is money that will move everyone in the correct direction in relation to climate change and making things green. It is through issuing particular bonds that activities of a company will become green,”  he added.

Karla Delgado, Founder of Kai Farms and Chief Sustainability Officer of TDG, emphasized the need for a platform that would connect communities. She stated that to ensure food security and address climate displacement, the industry needs a transformative tech platform that connects farmers, affected communities, and willing supporters.

“This will uplift farmers, granting them access to healthcare, education, and other opportunities. Through this, we can initiate a proactive response, create a better world together, and be the leaders the world needs,” she added. 

Digital Pilipinas Convenor Amor Maclang emphasized the critical role of technology and innovation in creating a sustainable future for the Philippines. She noted that their mission is clear: to harness technology to address climate change, sustainability, and innovative financing within the interoperable ecosystem that we are all a part of.

“Together, we can solve challenges related to climate adaptation, food sustainability, marketplace creation, and the empowerment of (the) agri and fisheries sector, driven by a global responsibility that transcends politics,”  she stated.

Other Tech-focused Initiatives of Digital Pilipinas

TrustTech – In August, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and Digital Pilipinas introduced the TrustTech Movement to bolster cybersecurity in the country. This move, initiated with the TrustTech Conference, seeks to address emerging cybersecurity trends, enhance consumer protection, and promote a holistic approach to combat cyber scams. Its main goal is to build trust in the Philippine digital space for individuals and businesses.

InsureTech and HealthTech- Recently, Digital Pilipinas hosted a roundtable discussion with industry leaders and stakeholders in the insurance and health sectors, focusing on sustainability and innovation. The discussion covered topics such as growth potential, digital customer experience commitments by PLIA, the industry’s shift to online insurance sales, global InsurTech market growth projections, and mWell’s integrated health platform. 

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