Gcash to Remove Text Alerts for Each Transaction

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Starting this month, mobile e-wallet giant GCash announced that it would no longer send text messages for each transaction on the platform. The move will decrease operational costs for the mobile wallet.

According to the firm, text messages still create telecommunication costs for the company. Text messages serve as a confirmation for users to make sure that they succeeded in sending and receiving money.

“To help improve security & provide easier access to your transaction history, we’ll begin moving confirmation messages from your text message inbox to your App Inbox,” a text advisory from Gcash read.

The affected services for this change are the Pay bills transaction reports which will no longer be sent via text beginning September 13, while notifications on sending money will be sent in-app by Sept. 28 under the “Activity” tab. They added that other transaction receipts and notices can be viewed in GCash’s inbox.

In August, GCash President and CEO Martha Sazon revealed that the e-wallet has 66 million registered users as of the year’s second quarter. (Read more: E-Wallet GCash Records 66 Million Users)

In a statement last week, the firm stated that it supports the proposed legislation that will criminalize the loan and sale of mobile wallet accounts to extend its security measures further and to prevent scams and frauds. 

One of the latest innovations and added features in the app was the inclusion of a crypto icon or crypto tab. The initiative is part of Gcash’s plans to integrate crypto into the firm. (Read more: GCash Crypto Update: We Are Working On Our Crypto Product)

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