Globe Gives Late SIM Registrants Until July 30 to Reactivate SIM

Globe said all users must register to avoid permanent deactivation of outgoing services and incoming calls.

Globe Gives Late SIM Registrants Until July 30 to Reactivate SIM
  • Globe will grant a 5-day grace period, from July 26 to 30, for SIM card holders who missed the SIM registration deadline of July 25.
  • To reactivate their SIM cards, users must connect to a WiFi network and complete the registration process through the GlobeOne app, Globe’s website, or by visiting Globe Stores or EasyHubs with a valid ID for identity verification.
  • SIM cards not registered by July 31, 2023 will be deactivated, losing all services and load balances. New SIM cards must be registered before activation.

Following the implementation of the SIM Card Registration Act finalizing the registration period to end on July 25, telecommunications firm Globe will give its users a final grace period to comply with the law. 

Grace Period

Pursuant to the law, all SIM card holders who failed to register their numbers by the deadline of July 25 will have their outgoing services and incoming calls deactivated.

To allow users to register their SIM cards and continue using their services, Globe, TM, and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi users who missed the SIM registration deadline will be given a grace period of 5 days, from July 26 to 30, to avoid permanent deactivation. Incoming SMS will remain active during this period so that users can receive a One-Time Pin (OTP) to complete the registration process. 

“Globe recognizes the essential role of uninterrupted mobile and broadband services in our customers’ daily lives. So, as provided for in the law, SIM users get this last chance to register their SIMs after missing the initial and extended registration deadlines,” Ernest Cu, Globe Group President and CEO, stated.

Cu assured customers of assistance and urged them to take advantage of the opportunity to avoid inconvenience. Reactivating their SIM cards will enable users to restore full mobile services.

How to Reactivate?

Step 1: Connect to a WiFi network.

Step 2: –Visit; or

  • Access the GlobeOne app; or
  • Walkin Globe Stores and EasyHubs to get assistance. 

Step 3: Complete their SIM registration. 

  • (Remember to prepare a valid ID for identity verification.)

Globe has assured in a statement that full mobile services will be reactivated within 24 hours.

What if a user still failed to register within the grace period?

“The SIM registration grace period is the final opportunity for customers to register their SIMs and secure their mobile services,” Globe reminded.

If a SIM card is not reactivated within the five-day grace period, it will be permanently deactivated. This means that all services, including incoming and outgoing text messages, calls, and mobile data connectivity, will no longer be available. 

Additionally, access to active mobile applications, such as banking, transportation, and other apps that are essential for daily needs, may also be impacted.

Effective July 31, 2023, all remaining load balances and promo registrations on unregistered SIM cards will be forfeited. Subscribers with deactivated SIM cards who need mobile services will have to purchase new SIM cards and register them before they can be activated.

“Customers are reminded that SIM registration is an integral part of the broader initiative to strengthen customer security and prevent fraud. Completing this step is necessary not only to retain their mobile services but to ensure their digital safety,” a statement wrote.

Sim Registration 

The SIM Card Registration Act was signed in October 2022 and requires Filipinos to register their SIM cards with a government-issued ID to combat fraud and scams. The deadline was originally April 26, 2023, but was extended to July 25, 2023. 

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