Department of Budget Unveils ‘INVISIBLE Government’ Vision with Blockchain at the Core

At the heart of this initiative is the concept of the “INVISIBLE Government,” a vision introduced by Undersecretary Sasa Del Rosario.

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By Paul Soliman

In a landmark initiative by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), the Philippines is taking bold strides to enhance its cybersecurity measures and digital infrastructure. This move is part of a broader effort to adopt cutting-edge technologies and practices to ensure the security and efficiency of government operations.

Invisible Government Initiative

At the heart of this initiative is the concept of the “INVISIBLE Government,” a vision introduced by Undersecretary Sasa Del Rosario. This metaphorical framework signifies a transformative leap towards the seamless and secure digitalization of infrastructures, emphasizing the importance of making government services accessible yet secured and seamlessly integrated into the daily lives of citizens.

A recent event hosted at the picturesque Aqua Resort Boray underscored this commitment. Among the distinguished participants was Paul Soliman, representing the blockchain council, who delivered insightful presentations on the pivotal role of blockchain technology in realizing this vision. His talk focused on the application of Zero Trust on Blockchain, a principle that promises to significantly enhance the security and immutability of government files and documents.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology, known for its robust security features and transparency, offers a promising solution to many of the challenges faced in digitalizing government services. By leveraging the principle of Zero Trust, it ensures that every access request to the network is fully authenticated, authorized, and encrypted, thereby mitigating potential breaches and unauthorized access.

The DBM, under its visionary leadership, had already embarked on a pilot project last year, integrating blockchain technology for the Special Allotment Release Order (SARO). This pioneering step not only reflects the government’s proactive approach to adopting blockchain technology but also showcases its commitment to enhancing efficiency, transparency, and security in public service delivery.

Government and Blockchain

The Philippine government’s support for the blockchain movement is a testament to its dedication to embracing digital transformation and innovation. As the country continues to navigate through the challenges and opportunities presented by digitalization, the integration of blockchain technology into its digital infrastructure signifies a crucial milestone in building a more secure, efficient, and resilient digital Philippines.

This concerted effort to solidify cybersecurity and leverage the potential of blockchain technology marks a significant leap forward in the country’s journey towards digital excellence and innovation. It not only enhances the security and efficiency of government operations but also sets a precedent for other nations to follow in the pursuit of a more secure and digitally empowered future.

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