Ronin Network Unveils Plans for ZK Rollups Integration

This initiative, outlined in the Ronin Evolution Proposal (REP), is poised for review by Ronin Validators in the near future.

Ronin Network Unveils Plans for ZK Rollups Integration (1)

Aiming to significantly enhance scalability, interoperability, and user experience, the Ronin Network has announced a strategic shift towards a modular architecture for the integration of zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups.

This initiative, outlined in the Ronin Evolution Proposal (REP), is poised for review by Ronin Validators in the near future.

Why Ronin is Betting on ZK Rollups

According to Ronin Head Researcher Phuc Thai, the Ronin Network currently has strong scalability, which can process up to 7.5 million transactions per day during peak periods and can handle up to 40 million.

However, due to the increasing popularity of the blockchain among developers as a good ecosystem for building a web3 game, the Ronin team stressed that they can see an influx of transactions in the future. Thus, they want to solve it even if the problem is not yet there.

What are Rollups

Rollups serve as a layer 2 network, operating transactions off the main blockchain to combat network congestion, thus speeding up transactions and reducing fees.

Among rollups, ZK rollups are favored by Ronin for their use of zero-knowledge proofs to validate transactions without divulging any information, eliminating the need for a challenge period common with optimistic rollups.

A Modular Approach for a Gaming Chain

Meanwhile, the team emphasized that a modular approach seems to be a better fit for a gaming chain, like Ronin, than a monolithic approach. A modular approach allows multiple rollups to run at the same time. That means separate L2s can specialize in separate functions, and final settlement can take place on the Ronin network.

“The monolithic approach requires every Ronin node to process every transaction. That can create bottlenecks and delays during periods of heavy demand, which makes it harder to scale,” the Ronin team defended. 

Rollups – Challenges and Solutions


The introduction of multiple rollups, however, presents potential challenges such as ecosystem fragmentation and interaction difficulties among different chains, which could lead to inefficient and costly transactions.

To address this, Ronin proposes the integration of a ZK prover in the network and encourages validators to adopt their own ZK rollup within Ronin, fostering a cohesive and fluid ecosystem.


Also, decentralized exchanges, protocols, and games that will have their own rollups might result in thin liquidity, resulting in high slippage fees during swaps.

To be able to prevent this possible scenario, Thai and his team propose to “level up” Katana DEX and Mavis Market and enable these dapps to facilitate bridging across various rollups. 

Alongside the transformation of these dapps is the introduction of another feature called “Cross-Chain Relayer Service” (CCRS), which would help relay cross-chain transactions.

What is Ronin Network

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The Ronin Network is a decentralized blockchain developed by Sky Mavis, which is also the developer of the known NFT game Axie Infinity. 

After the establishment of the network, it has already attracted web3 game developers to build games on top of Ronin. There are also traditional gaming studios that expressed their willingness to create a blockchain game using Ronin. 

BitPinas has curated the list of games built on top of Ronin: Ronin Games List – The Blockchain Games on Ronin Network

Moreover, as an Ethereum sidechain, Ronin benefits from its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. This means that users can stake and delegate their $RON to help the network be secured while earning rewards. 


“We examined one question: how can a blockchain handle an increasing number of transactions – without sacrificing performance? Our answer is a work in progress that will require input and support from the Ronin community. A modular approach. Zero-knowledge rollups. Enshrined EVMs. The Cross-Chain Relayer Service,” Thai concluded. 

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