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Sevi Agregado, NFT Artists to Headline Art Fair Philippines NFT Event

Art Fair Philippines NFT 2022
Art Fair Philippines NFT 2022
Type of Event: Workshop, Meetup, Art Event
Ticket Price: Free
Date: March 30, 2022
Time: From 1 PM
Location: J Studios, La Fuerza Compound, Makati
Registration & Reserve Your Tickets at: Free
Photo for the Article - Sevi Agregado, NFT Artists to Headline Art Fair Philippines NFT Event

Art Fair Philippines NFT Event

Art Fair PH and J-Studio presents the debut NFT event of the year.

Bringing together NFT artists and communities in the Philippines, this will be a monumental event to pave the way for the future of home grown digital art.

A whole day event, happening on March 30th, Wednesday at J-STUDIO, La Fuerza compound in Makati, will feature stand-out NFT art projects by Filipino artists.

DOORS OPEN AT 1PM with talks and fireside chats for the community, featuring fresh talent and veterans in the local blockchain and NFT scene.

Art Fair Philippines NFT Schedule on March 30, 2022

Art Fair Philippines NFT Schedule on March 30, 2022
1:00 PM Doors open
2:00 PM Introducing the Local NFT Communities
– Crypto Art PH, NFT Philippines, BitPinas, NFT Pinas, NFT Filipinas
A casual chat with representatives from some of the leading NFT communities in the country. Find out how they built their followings, their thoughts on the present state of the local scene, and what they think the future holds for the Philippines and NFTs.
3:00 PM Panel: Tezos and Its Artists – A Sustainable Platform for NFT Art Ft. Titik Poetry
– Performance by Titik Poetry
Tezos APAC community manager Gian Ferrer will join us to give a rundown on the fast growing and eco-conscious Tezos Blockchain. He will be accompanied by members of the spoken-word group Titik Poetry. These young wordsmiths will discuss why they chose Tezos as the launchpad for their NFT project and what the platform can offer to other emerging artists.
4:00 PM Artist Spotlight
– Sevi Agregado, Quintessence of Light, Jarrett Cross
An engaging, multi-faceted dialogue between 3 leading artists working in the NFT space: Painter and child prodigy Sevi Agregado, Multidisciplinary Artist Jarrett Cross Pinto, and JAO the mastermind behind Quintessence of Light. The trio will share their experiences navigating both the traditional art world and the new frontier of cryptoart.
5:30 PM Musicians Roundtable: Reaching New Sonic Boundaries with NFTs
– KeysKD, Patty Tiu, Strodano
– Performance by Anima Tierra
Sonora Philippines’ country manager Patty Tiu, Audio/Visual Rave duo Strodano, and producer KEYSKD from Autotelic, sit down to discuss the still untapped potential of audio NFTs. We’ll get to hear their thoughts on the current state of the music business and what role they think NFTs can play in connecting musicians with their fans in this ever-evolving industry.
6:30 PM A Crash Course on WEB3 and NFTs (Blockchain and NFTS 101)
– Chii eth, EJ Villafranca, Patty Tie
– Performance by KeysKD
Cryptocurrency Philippines co-founder Chii.eth, Ark of Dreams Marketing lead EJ Villafranca, & DJ Patty Tiu come together for a quick primer on web3. Exhibit goers will have a chance to learn the absolute fundamentals of blockchains, wallets, tokens, and NFTs.
7:30 PM Grassroots Community Building on the Blockchain
– Bored Punks of Society, SOLFRENS, Likha
– Special Guest
Is there more to profile pictures than cartoon monkeys selling for exorbitant sums of money? Come meet Solfrens, Bored Punks, & Likha: three exciting, young projects looking to break down the exclusivity and tribalism that many associate with NFT communities. Find out how they began building their communities and their plans to onboard a whole new generation to the world of web3.
8:30 PM After Party
– Katsy Lee, Strodano, Patty Tie, Franco Zarate

What to Expect

Each artist will feature their own installation; A DIGITAL and PHYSICAL representation of bridging web3 to the world.

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The event culminates with a shindig featuring the country’s top NFT music artists, KEYSKD from Autotelic, PTT.NFT (Patty Tiu), STRODANO, KATSY LEE and more.

See you there!

Event Details

How to Go to La Fuerza Compound, Makati

  • If via Jeepney. From Chino Roces cor. Buendia, ride the jeep going to FTI (PRC – Pasong Tamo – Kayamanan Route)

Exhibitors and Speakers FAQ

Q: From what time until what time can we set up tomorrow/Wednesday?

  • 1pm-8pm Setup on March 29
  • 6am – 12pm Setup on March 30

Q: Can we sell items during the event?

  • Yes, Of course! Use this opportunity to shill your project and products as much as you can!

Q: Aside from the standee, will a table or chairs be provided?

  • No chairs/tables in the exhibit area, but we have a VIP lounge on the 2nd floor where you can sit and hang out.

Q: Is there a tentative schedule of speakers already?

  • Please see tentative schedule list above.

Q: Can we still add our other artist friends?

  • Yes, we can add them to our in-house video loops on our screens and projector. please connect them with me via a group chat on twitter @johnsedanoNFT

Q: What is the Dress Code?

  • Dress to kill! – Sedano
  • There is no dress code. Wear whatever is comfortable for you.

Featured Artists and Projects:

  • Sevi Agregado (Sevi Loves Art)
  • Bored Punks of Society
  • Jarrett Cross
  • Verlin Santos
  • Strodano NFT
  • Jopet Arias
  • Quintessence of Light
  • Titik Poetry
  • Katsy Lee
  • EJ Villafranca
  • Steve Manzano
  • Jake Studyos
  • Anima Tierra

Event Partners:

  • Momento Frames
  • Crypto Art PH
  • BitPinas
  • Tezos Philippines
  • NFT Philippines
  • NFT Pinas
  • Filipinas NFT
  • Sonora

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