Axie Infinity Releases Breeding Fee Adjustment, Announces Long-Term Insights

Sky Mavis made another breeding fee adjustment this December. They also release their long term developer insights.

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By Shiela Bertillo

In a statement released today, December 9, Sky Mavis, the Vietnam-based developers of play-to-earn non fungible token (NFT) game Axie Infinity, shared their long-term insights for the game. In a separate announcement, the developers released a breeding fee adjustment update.

“At Sky Mavis, we are aware that there are a variety of different stakeholders within the Axie Infinity community with different levels of financial involvement, motivations, and goals. We are always actively monitoring feedback, and do our best to make decisions from a place of empathy to everyone in the community,” the developers said.

They admitted that many decisions and trade-offs made by their team didn’t allow them to resolve “short-term pain points” such as solely focusing their engineering efforts on Battle v2 and Land, that they no longer have the “bandwidth to implement as many improvements for the existing game.”

“Simultaneously though, the focus for the team is primarily on the long-term sustainability, growth, and success of the Axie Infinity ecosystem,” Sky Mavis assured.

Photo for the Article - Axie Infinity Releases Breeding Fee Adjustment, Announces Long-Term Insights

Moreover, the developers emphasized three points the community must keep in mind. They highlighted that there will be a significant volatility in the market, the utility of the game will change over time and that Sky Mavis is “focused on long-term value over short-term token prices.”

“Being at the bleeding edge of gaming and blockchain technology makes Axie Infinity particularly susceptible to volatility, from internal and external factors. We expect there will be significant highs and lows in the years to come, whether that be from massive growth spikes or crypto bear markets. This is why we implore only those who are looking to stick around in the long-term to join us and our community on this rollercoaster ride, we think it’ll be worth it,” the developers wrote, discussing the volatile tendencies of the game.

Sky Mavis stressed that they will launch Axie Infinity: Origin or the Battles V2 as soon as possible; noting that “the meta will change significantly, and will continue to change over the Seasons.”

“In numerous future games such as Land, every Axie will have completely different values and benefits. When we implement Body Part upgrading their utility will change again. This is all a function of the necessity for the Axie Infinity Universe to always be evolving and providing new challenging and fun gameplay. With that said, there will be Axie releasing mechanisms in the future so that regardless of their changes they can be released to still gain value in return. Also, as the Universe expands we expect every Axie will gain significantly more utility.,” they stated.

Regarding the games token to fiat value, Sky Mavis noted that they empathize and understand that the prices of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity shards (AXS) are very important to the play-to-earn community. (Read More: Ron Token Axie Infinity Guide | How to Farm and Earn Ron with SLP, AXS, WETH, Stake, Add Liquidity Pool on Ronin)

“However, the price of tokens in our ecosystem ultimately will come from us and the community creating long-term value for each other. That is what we are focused on. We will not prioritize the valuable time and effort of our small team in building short-term and quick fixes, and instead focus on building what matters more in the long-term. Economic adjustments also take a lot of thoughtful consideration and we do not take them lightly, this is why it may take more time than might be expected for us to roll-out changes to the economy. There are many other ideas we are considering for SLP utility as well, one idea is to have Body Part power-ups that may require SLP to craft,” the developers wrote.

On the other hand, with regard to the SLP and AXS utility, the breeding fee adjustment tripled the SLP cost per breed while the AXS cost per breed was halved to 0.5 AXS. The update may cause SLP, that’s been continuously going downtrend for the past few weeks and even went down to 1.75php this week, to pump again

Below is the adjusted SLP breeding cost per parent.

Photo for the Article - Axie Infinity Releases Breeding Fee Adjustment, Announces Long-Term Insights

“We will not always get everything right, but we will listen, learn, and work together with the community to iterate our way to success as we have always done. Creating a good game is hard, but creating a great game is exponentially more difficult; we aim to make a great game and with that comes development times that can feel long while the live game is operating and the market fluctuates. Axie Infinity has grown to where it is today because of this long-term thinking within the community, and that mindset will continue to drive Axie Infinity towards becoming a true digital nation,” Sky Mavis wrote at the end of the statement.

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