Blockchain Innovation Tour 2018 Recap

Speakers from different blockchain projects take part in Blockchain Innovation Tour Philippines last year.

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January 2, 2018. The Blockchain Innovation Tour that happened at Okada Manila last November 2018 was a success. It was joined by hundreds of attendees with notable speakers from the Philippines and abroad.

While the speakers are making their presentation to a number of attendees on stage, BitPinas was able to do a one on one interview with some of the speakers during the event.


Speaker: Mr. Verner Alvar, Chief Executive Officer at Med-H

Med-H is a blockchain-powered healthcare platform that gives patients and users the power to own their medical records and profile. Its main priority is security and transparency.

Using Med-H, patients are able to access their medical records even if they’re outside their home country. This is really important especially if there’s an unsuspecting emergency while the user is outside the country and doesn’t have the luxury to carry all his medical records.


Speaker: Mr. Kenny Koh, Chief Executive Office at BlocBox

BlocBox uses the immutable distributed ledger using the blockchain to help retrieve blackbox data contained in maritime and aviation vehicles. These blackboxes contains significant data that may tell a story as to why an incident or accident happens. The problem is, searching and retrieving the blackboxes that are usually lost. By putting the information on BlocBox the data, there will be no time lost in accessing the important data.


Speaker: Didier Bosmans, Head of Communications and Co-Founder at AssetStream

AssetStream is a peer-to-peer (P2P) microfinance platform that runs on the blockchain. It aims to replace intermediaries using the new technology.


Speaker: Mr. Andrew Ow, Co-Founder, Opsis

Opsis is a software solution for facial expression analysis and emotion recognition. You can use this solution on any device or available camera. With this initiative, giving and getting survey will be a game changer as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) can easily read a person’s emotions and expressions.


Speaker: Mr. Harvey Choi, Founder and CEO

BITVR is here to prove that virtual reality (VR) is not just for gaming and entertainment but can also be used in business models such as realtors, commercials, etc. By using a blockchain powered virtual reality, its users can expect a lower upfront cost, a trustable system, and a marketplace to trade VR contents.


Speaker: Mr. Jack Chia, Managing Director at Cryptology

Cryptology is a cryptocurrency exchange that has the ability to exchange crypto to fiat currencies and vice versa. Users are able to combine fiat and cryptocurrency transactions in one platform.

The Blockchain Innovation Tour Philippines (BIT Philippines) was held on November 13, 2018 at Okada Manila, Parañaque.

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