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You Can Get GetGo Rewards by Using your LYL Coin

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November 15, 2018. Right after the PADCDI event at Punta Mandala Bar and Restaurant in Mandaluyong, the LoyalCoin team releases a brand new update. This includes the announcement of new merchants, GetGo Rewards, and Mr. Paolo Bediones’ speech during the PADCDI event.

The LoyalCoin team just launched a new feature in its LoyalWallet and it is calling it the LYL Store. To introduce this new feature, GetGo rewards by Cebu Pacific is now available.

Since the LoyalWallet app is down at the time of this writing, it is previously reported that users can purchase GetGo rewards by using a certain amount of LYL. This GetGo reward is the airline’s miles program that users can use to purchase airline tickets.

Also, two new merchants are now part of the LoyalCoin ecosystem – Timeless Brew and Teaspoon. Timeless Brew is located at España Grand Residences Tower II, Manila and Teaspoon in Valenzuela.

On November 13, 2018, the Philippine Association for Digital Commerce and Decentralized Industries (PADCDI) held a General Assembly at Punta Mandala Bar and Restaurant. The event was attended by various entrepreneurs, investors, and representatives from the government. The organization’s chairman, Mr. Paolo Bedionies of LoyalCoin, gave a powerful speech to start the night:

“Our industry here in the Philippines is very very small. Having said that, there is no room for competition. We just find a way to work with each other. The key word is INTEROPERABILITY, COLLABORATION, and COOPERATION.” – Mr. Paolo Bediones, COO – LoyalCoin, PADCDI – Chair

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LoyalCoin is a loyalty and rewards platform powered by the NEM blockchain. It aims to disrupt the current loyalty and rewards program in the market by unifying different merchants to use the LoyalCoin ecosystem. The LYL earned can be used in different partner merchants, exchanged to a different token, or withdrawn to fiat.

The LYL or the LoyalCoin token can be purchased on five crypto exchanges: NEMChange, Cryptopia, Kryptono, OEX, and South Korea’s Coinis.

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