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August 1, 2018 Updated

Loyal Coin had a number of announcements in the first episode of its web series, which include its exchange applications and app launch.

Loyal Coin had a number of announcements in the first episode of its web series. Among them are its applications to cryptocurrency exchanges and platform milestones.

Listing to Exchanges

The company announced its successful listing on 3 cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Next Exchange – to be listed this April 2018.
  • Cryptopia – to be listed in May 2018
  • Kucoin – soon
loyal coin next xchange cryptopia kucoin

Paolo Bediones, COO of Loyal Coin, shared that it is also applying to major exchanges such as Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex, and Bittrex. However, these exchanges require a lot of transaction volume before loyal coin can be listed.

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Android App

Loyal Coin is completing the testing for its Android app, which will launch this May 2018.

This is a welcome news for existing holders of loyal coin, who has the tokens from the Token Generation Event.

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New Features

Patrick Palacios, CEO of Appsolutely, announced a new feature in the Loyal Platform, which is the ability to purchase “Miles” and “Reward Points from major brands” on the platform.

“Miles” are reward points that airline companies offer. It is often accumulated depending on the number of miles you’ve flown or based on the amount you spent using your credit card. Accumulate enough “miles” and, among other things, you can get discounts on your plane ticket.


Early in the episode, he announced new members joining the “Loyal Team”. Also, while Mr. Palacios did not share which brands will be joining the Loyal Platform, he mentioned that the company’s web series will share announcements to the public on a weekly basis.

Loyal Coins can be used to redeem rewards from different brands within the Loyal Platform. Appsolutely, the company behind this token is teaming up with the NEM Foundation to organize the Beach Blockchain Conference this May 2018.

Watch the Loyal Coin web series here.

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