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Own Unique Superordinary Friends NFTs with Globe Rewards

Photo for the Article - Own Unique Superordinary Friends NFTs with Globe Rewards

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Superordinary Friends is a collection of unique avatars each holding iconic food items. These limited-edition illustrations combine quirky visual appeal with nuanced storytelling.

With a partnership stemming from the Globe #ExtraGDay celebration last September, Globe and Superordinary Friends continue their collaboration to uplift Filipino craftsmanship through digital assets. 

“Partnering with Superordinary Friends allows our customers to own a sample of Filipino artistry in the new world of Web3 without having to spend a single centavo. Instead, they can use their Globe Rewards points to discover their passions and interests in the metaverse,” said Jerome Patalud, Head of Globe Rewards.

You can redeem a raffle entry for as low as one Rewards point to win a Superordinary Friends NFT voucher. If you can’t wait to own one, you may also redeem the pre-sale Superordinary Friends NFT voucher for 1,000 Rewards points. 

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To redeem, simply download the GlobeOne app and choose Superordinary Friends. But you should hurry as the promo only runs until November 15.

“For all the food lovers out there, this partnership is also exciting news. This exclusive partnership celebrates food, art and culture and marks the upcoming launch of Superordinary Friends’ first NFT collection drop by renowned artist TRNZ from Vinyl on Vinyl. On top of owning a piece of TRNZ art, collectors of the Superordinary Friends NFT can expect exclusive food and experiences around the world, partnering with luxury hotels and top restaurants of different countries,” said Brayden Lim, Founder of Superordinary Friends.

TRNZ recently announced his ventures in the world of NFTs. His past work has been exhibited in Hong Kong, Europe, South Korea, Jakarta, Los Angeles, and New York, with an upcoming exhibition in Paris.

To learn more about Globe Rewards and Superordinary Friends, visit

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